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About Us is purely information, social media and news website.
about us

We focus on a few directions, which include:

  • Doing research on the global and local trends in relationships worldwide and in certain countries;
  • Collecting statistics on various aspects of social life in certain countries;
  • Writing informational and critical articles on national character, mentality, and qualities of people living in certain countries;
  • Writing detailed, relevant, and well-reasoned articles on relationships;
  • Analyzing new and old dating platforms, comparing them, collecting feedback from real members;
  • Writing reviews about dating sites, ranking top dating platforms;
  • Choosing profiles of real women, picking the hottest ladies and sharing their profiles with you.

Therefore, the statistics, relevant info about the dating industry, trends in relationships, analysis of changing of social attitude toward family and marriage, reviews of top dating sites, and the best dating platforms rankings – all this can be found on

What is our story?

Let us be honest: signing up to the site and analyzing it does not seem the most complex task to do. We never deny that in most cases, you can find the feedback from the customers on the web and the list of real prices set by a certain company on the web. However, there are two main reasons why we do what we do:

  1. Though people can analyze the sites, they do not usually do it.
  2. Some facts about the site are not enough to understand if you really should join it – the deeper understanding of the industry’s most significant aspects at large and years of experience allow us to give the right verdict.

We mean, you can find the price list on a third-party platform or on the site itself. But is it a good value for money? If there is no membership plan – a member needs to pay for each service separately, but the important pricing question remains the same: is the site expensive or cheap? Texting is free but providing a valid email is not required, is it a good or bad sign? There are so many things to consider, and that is why we work only with people who know a lot about online dating and mail order bride industry at large.

Our office

We are located in Los Angeles in United States, and you can meet us in our office – 6 team members work daily for you, and there are 7 remote employees of who work full-time to assist our office team. We work hard together to provide you with the most relevant and well-reasoned information about the new and old players in the dating market, as well as about the industry itself.

Source of our profits

You can find dozens of reviews on our sites for free – you do not need to pay for reading or accessing any information. You do not need to sign up on our site to get access to the information we post. No reviews require additional subscriptions or payments.

We work closely with brands that we review, and this is the main source of our profits. We receive monetary compensation for member registered on the site who used links in the reviews created.

Undoubtedly, since we cooperate with online dating brands, the selection and order in which the services are presented may be influenced. Since sites that we review compensate for our work, it is in our interest to rate such platforms as high as it is possible. Indeed, websites that we cooperate with are viewed favorably by our dating team. Nevertheless, it is essential to state that we do not base our reviews merely on the fact that some company has paid us. Our scores, ratings, and conclusion are based on impartial examination of every single product and service available on the site. Therefore, even if a site has some flaws, you can be sure that you are going to read about them.

The process of making reviews

Our team consists of numerous professionals in the industry of online dating. Their goal is to implement their experience and knowledge to review websites and create detailed and interesting guides about online communication. Our writers present their reviews separately from our marketing team.

There are many elements that should be included in a review. Since most sites have similar structures and services, one may see that most reviews about dating sites are pretty similar. It allows our team of writers to compare different dating sites easily and quickly.

Writing reviews is only one part of our team’s duty. Before creating a guide, a writer has to examine the site and spend at least a couple of days learning about its products, finding some flaws, and figuring out whether the site is user-friendly or not. The overall and individual cost of services, the website’s design, the effectiveness of customer support members, as well as efficiency and diversity of tools and features are also considered while preparing the reviews. After the article is ready, it is passed to a team of editors who make sure that there are no errors.

Even though our writers are experienced professionals, they are people who may miss some information. Sometimes, dating sites can implement a new feature that is not included in the review. In such a case, our goal is to update our guide as quickly as possible. We try to keep our content relevant and correct. Our readers and companies with which we cooperate can contact us and ask to change information or provide useful feedback.

How we rate dating sites

Each site receives a score in several categories. It is a very simple but effective system that allows one to see the strongest and weakest aspects of a dating platform. Our reviews include the site’s popularity, users’ engagement, reputation, and how the site feels and looks.

Popularity of the site can be easily accessed by reviewing the number of people registered. If a dating website has a few thousand active members online, it means that a site is popular. However, we also use third-party websites to learn about platforms. For example, Trustpilot can help our writers to get analytical data.

Design and experience from using the site are also essential criteria. Due to the fact that our writers have reviewed dozens of sites, they know what elements of design and layout should be used to make a site more accessible. While design can be a subjective matter, our team knows what a site should look like to be both functional and stylish.

Engagement allows us to understand the active base of users on this site. Such information can be found only on the analytical platforms like Similarweb. This data is quite complex but allows us and potential members to see whether the site is active enough or not.

Lastly, it is vital to say that reputation score includes information that we collect from other users. Platforms such as Trustpilot or Sitejabber include dozens or hundreds of real-life reviews that can be used to understand what kind of reputation the site has among actual users.

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