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About Us is purely information, social media and news website.
about us

We focus on a few directions, which include:

  • Doing research on the global and local trends in relationships worldwide and in certain countries;
  • Collecting statistics on various aspects of social life in certain countries;
  • Writing informational and critical articles on national character, mentality, and qualities of people living in certain countries;
  • Writing detailed, relevant, and well-reasoned articles on relationships;
  • Analyzing new and old dating platforms, comparing them, collecting feedback from real members;
  • Writing reviews about dating sites, ranking top dating platforms;
  • Choosing profiles of real women, picking the hottest ladies and sharing their profiles with you.

Therefore, the statistics, relevant info about the dating industry, trends in relationships, analysis of changing of social attitude toward family and marriage, reviews of top dating sites, and the best dating platforms rankings – all this can be found on

What is our story?

Let us be honest: signing up to the site and analyzing it does not seem the most complex task to do. We never deny that in most cases, you can find the feedback from the customers on the web and the list of real prices set by a certain company on the web. However, there are two main reasons why we do what we do:

  1. Though people can analyze the sites, they do not usually do it.
  2. Some facts about the site are not enough to understand if you really should join it – the deeper understanding of the industry’s most significant aspects at large and years of experience allow us to give the right verdict.

We mean, you can find the price list on a third-party platform or on the site itself. But is it a good value for money? If there is no membership plan – a member needs to pay for each service separately, but the important pricing question remains the same: is the site expensive or cheap? Texting is free but providing a valid email is not required, is it a good or bad sign? There are so many things to consider, and that is why we work only with people who know a lot about online dating and mail order bride industry at large.

Our office

We are located in Los Angeles in United States, and you can meet us in our office – 6 team members work daily for you, and there are 7 remote employees of who work full-time to assist our office team. We work hard together to provide you with the most relevant and well-reasoned information about the new and old players in the dating market, as well as about the industry itself.

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