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Canadian Mail Order Brides

Canadian women are beautiful, modern, and well-educated. They make great wives, they are open-minded and extremely friendly... And we believe that they are certainly worth dating.
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Are Canadian girls really that good?

Yes, they are really that good. We understand that this is not the first country that comes to mind when you hear about mail order brides or international relationships, but the fact does remain that thousands of women from Canada marry foreign men every single year. This can be easily explained — Canadian brides are very beautiful, ambitious… And they just love foreigners!

More importantly, these women are very relaxed and open-minded when it comes to relationships. If you want to approach them, you can do it without any problems — like, you don’t need to come up with some cool powerful pick-up lines. Just sign up for a dating site and meet lots of beautiful girls online!

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Canadian mail order bride cost

It is easy to look for Canadian women for marriage since they are just like American girls. Online dating expenses are going to be very low. You can expect to spend around $40-80 per month on most sites. The average cost of Canadian mail order bride in real life, won’t be very high, but since it is a Western country, it will be higher than in most countries where mail order brides are popular.

How much does a Canadian wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Canada. The cost starts from $300 for a one-way ticket.
  • Gifts and flowers. The budget of $800 would be enough for every single gift and entertainment you wish to get
  • Hotel and accommodations. A great apartment would cost you $80 per night. Hotel rooms start from $100 per night as well.
  • Wedding. The average cost of Canadian mail order bride wedding is $30,000.

Do Canadian women for marriage really want to meet people of a different race?

Every Canadian girl is unique, just like any other woman. It's impossible to say that 100% of them are beautiful or that 100% of them are really marriage-minded, and so on and so forth. However, there is one thing they all have in common: they all don't care about the nationality of their partners, and there are thousands of Canadian mail order brides who are in relationships with people of a different race.

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So, they really see nothing wrong with having a relationship with someone of a different race. Just two facts for you: First of all, more than 300,000 immigrants come to Canada every year, and more than 60% of them were born in Asia. The second fact is: More than 92% of Canadians support the concept of mixed unions. That's why we can safely say that there are just a few women who can reject you because of your nationality. Canadian beauties look beyond nationality and they have no problems with having a relationship with a person of a different race or having a different belief.

However, we can’t say that 100% of them want to move from Canada. The thing is, unlike thousands of girls from Eastern Europe and Asia, these women live in a perfect place to live and work — Canada is ranked as the second top country in the world (Germany is #1) in terms of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and quality of life. Almost 750,000,000 people from all over the world would leave their countries if they could... But according to our experience, only a small number of Canadians want to leave Canada. Of course, they don't see a problem with moving abroad for love.

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Dating a Canadian mail order wife: Top tips

  1. Choose some stylish clothes. You won't be judged by your dress, of course — Canadian brides are very polite and they value other qualities... But it's still very important that you look great right from the very first date.
  2. Casual environment works best if it’s your first date with a girl from Canada. Of course, there are lots of places you can choose, but a fancy restaurant is certainly not the best choice if you want everything to go smoothly. You'll probably need to have a chance to have casual small talk and to get to know her more — and casual places are the best option for such a purpose.
  3. You'll most likely have to split the bill... But it still would be nice if you offer to pay for the date. A lot of Canadian women say that the man should pay for the date. So, to pay or not to pay? It depends on your partner's personality and on her views. If she is a liberal who is genuinely worried about gender equality and women's rights, she will most likely say that going Dutch is the only option. If she is more conservative, she will be happy if you pay for the date.
  4. Don't try to brag about money or to impress her by spending dollars on her. Canada is a very rich country, as we’ve said, and you won’t be able to impress a woman with your money here. Flaunting your wealth (even if you are really a billionaire) is one of the dumbest things you can do in Canada. These women have other values, that's all.

Top 8 facts you have to know about Canadian brides

Whatever country you are from, you are probably guided by the idea that Canadian mail order brides are different from women in your country. It's 100% true — and if you want to know more about Canadian ladies, continue reading. We've collected the top 8 facts about these women right here!

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  • There are actually two types of Canadian girls. There are French Canadians and English Canadians (Anglo-Canadians), and of course, French Canadian women are different from Anglo-Canadians. Almost all the redhead Canadian beauties are in fact Anglo-Canadians, and French Canadians often have wide, almond-shaped eyes, etc. There are also some cultural differences — some people say that Quebecois women (French Canadians) have a more modern approach to dating than Anglo-Canadians (like, they have no qualms with taking the lead in a relationship), and English Canadian females are sometimes a little more conservative when it comes to dating. French Canadians are often called more sexually liberal, but it doesn't mean that 100% of them are so. Of course, we just give a broad generalization here.
  • They are not shy at all, and it's often a woman who makes the first move in Canada, especially when we’re talking about Quebec. Canadian girls for marriage are the last people whom we could call “too conservative” or “too shy”.
  • They are very ambitious and they understand clearly what they want from their lives. Yes, it’s something we can say about all Western women, and Canadians are definitely not an exception. They don't depend on their partners and most of them do really want to build a career.
  • They are respectful and calm, especially when compared to American girls. They are calmer than women from the United States and than some South Asian women, for example.
  • They are relaxed about finding a perfect partner. For example, lots of American girls are searching for a prince from their childhood dreams (thanks Disney!), and Canadians are much more realistic about it.
  • They are also direct and straightforward. But don’t worry about it — Canadian women for marriage are perfectly balanced in their straightforwardness and shyness, and it’s just perfect!
  • Long-distance relationships are usually not a problem for them. That's how it works in this country: Canada is big, and lots of people go to other cities and even countries after high school, so almost all of them had at least one attempt at a long-distance relationship.
  • Canadian wives are oftentimes liberal and very politically correct.

Final thoughts

As we've said, whatever country you are from, you will most likely be impressed by beautiful, smart, and ambitious Canadian women. If you want to find a Canadian wife, don't waste your time, and don't hesitate — just find a mail bride website and start finding your love today!

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