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Hungarian Mail Order Brides & International Dating

Hungarian mail order brides are unique — they are very feminine and loyal, and at the same time, they are ambitious and really smart. Here, we'll tell you more about them.
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Are Hungarian mail order brides really that good?

Hungarian women are not the most popular European brides among Americans. But it doesn’t mean that they are not worth dating. It just means that this gem has not yet been discovered by American men. There are tens of thousands of hot, smart, and loyal Hungarian girls for marriage. And the greatest thing about them is that they love dating Western guys, especially men from the United States. It’s also quite easy to meet and date Hungarian women. Despite there are some differences between American and Hungarian dating cultures, these girls are similar to all the other European ladies. So there are no unusual dating rituals in this country.

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Hungarian mail order bride cost

Hungarian brides may not be as popular as other Slavic girls, but they are sure worth of your time and money. And speaking about money, did you know that you can spend just under $100 per month and have the best online dating experience with Hungarian girls? As for real-life expenses, we have a detailed section for that below!

How much does a Hungarian wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Hungary. The cost ranges from $400 to $600 for a one-way ticket.
  • Gifts and flowers. It is rather affordable to make a great impression with presents and gifts. Expect to pay around $300 
  • Hotel and accommodations. $50 for affordable rooms, $100 for mid-range, and $200+ for luxurious suits.
  • Wedding. The average cost of Hungarian mail order bride wedding is $5,000.

Why do Hungarian women want to leave their country?

When we are talking about Eastern Europe or Southeastern Asia, it’s often very simple. These women want to leave their countries because of the low quality of life. Hungary is, in turn, not a very poor country, and it’s definitely not the worst one in the world in terms of economic performance. So why do Hungarian girls for marriage tend to date Americans and want to leave home? We believe that there are three reasons why they want to do it. Here they are.

  • First of all, it’s about gender inequality. Yes, it’s a part of the European Union, and the EU is known for being quite liberal in regard to equal rights. But the point is, Hungary ranks among the worst in the European Union in the Gender Equality Index. Unfortunately, such problems as unequal pay are still there. It makes sense that Hungarian mail order brides just want to be treated equally by society.
  • Then, it’s about Hungarian men. We do not want to offend anyone here. But Hungarians consume more alcohol than the average European and twice the global average. Many men (up to 41%!) think that victims of sexual harassment ARE responsible for becoming victims. These men are not bad, actually, but they are far from perfect, and this leads us to the third reason.
  • Hungarian women for marriage just love dating Americans! They think it’s fun to date a guy from another country. They expect men from the United States to treat them much better than Hungarian guys. Well, it looks like it’s not too far from reality, especially considering the previous arguments. But don’t think that these girls will fall for you just because of your citizenship.

Top 7 facts about Hungarian women

You probably know that Hungarian women for marriage are beautiful (just as all the European ladies, of course). But that’s not all — and here, we’ll tell you seven interesting facts about these girls.

  1. They are very beautiful. Hungarian women are just incredible. They have perfect bodies and faces, know everything about makeup, and always look extremely stylish.
  2. They know English. Although this country is situated in central Europe, the Hungarian language is more difficult than any other European one. But you won’t have to learn it — almost 60% of the Hungarian women for marriage speak English.
  3. They are not as marriage-minded as you might have thought. According to the latest studies, these women see nothing wrong with choosing cohabitation instead of marriage. Thus, up to 48% of births in 2015 are to unmarried women. So if you want to wait, it will not be a problem with your Hungarian bride.
  4. They are quite feminine, especially when compared to other European girls. Some of them are old-fashioned and religious. The others care about equal rights and feminism. But all of them are really feminine — that’s how they were raised, and it’s one of their coolest features. And don’t think that they are too conservative — despite being feminine, Hungarian women are very independent and strong.
  5. Although there are lots of traditional and religious Hungarian girls, most of them are friendly and open-minded. They smile a lot, they like being approached (especially by foreigners!), they never push you away when you talk to them, and they are extremely fun to talk to. They love hugs and kisses and are always polite to new people.

Dating Hungarian brides: 7 best tips

The good news is that the Hungarian dating culture doesn’t differ too much from what you have seen in the United States. But still, there are some differences. And we believe: you have to know about them to have a great first date. And to not screw up it, of course.

  1. Be careful with the compliments. They are great, and Hungarian brides love them. But if you overdo compliments, there will be an opposite effect. In addition, Hungarians are also known as a "not complimenting nation", so lots of women just don't know how to react to such situations!
  2. You can buy her a gift or a bouquet. Just don't buy anything too expensive. Hungarian women don't like expensive gifts, and if you bring a huge 100 roses bouquet to the first date, your partner will most likely not be happy about it.
  3. Start online. The Hungarian dating scene is different from the American one. Men don't go up to a woman and start chatting in this country, and it doesn't happen out of the blue here. But that’s not the thing you should worry about if you meet women on a dating website.
  4. Be courteous and pay the bill. Just act like a gentleman — these girls love it when men treat them in the most respectful and polite manner. That's how it works with Hungarians — they may be feminists, but they still like it.
  5. If it’s your first date, choose a casual environment. Fancy restaurants will not work well. It’s always better to choose something casual to help a Hungarian girl feel relaxed. Think of a bowling alley, a karaoke bar, a theme park, a classic "coffee date," and so on. You have a lot of cool options, actually.
  6. Dress code is important, so choose your best clothes. You don’t need to choose a formal style (the first date is not a formal attire event). But you need to look great to attract these girls.
  7. We understand: touching on the first date is often a gray area. But neither your jokes nor your cool stories will most likely work well (because their English is usually not this perfect). So, be ready to get physical.

Final thoughts

There are tens of thousands of Hungarian women for marriage who want to meet an American man. Most of the local girls already use international dating platforms. So, if you are going to meet a girl from this country, don’t waste your time. Sign up for any of them, start talking to ladies, and be ready to find your Hungarian wife!

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