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European Mail Order Brides & International Dating

European women make perfect wives, so it makes sense that thousands of American men dream of dating them. Read this guide to know everything about European brides!

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European women for marriage: do they really fall for Americans?

Are European girls for marriage really this perfect? How to meet them? You probably have plenty of questions now, and we will gladly answer all of them. First of all, yes: they fall for Americans. And yes, thousands of men from the US find a wife in Europe every year. European girls are very different from the American ones. Most of them want to find a man who will respect and treat them as they deserve, and that's why thousands of them sign up for mail order bride websites. It has nothing to do with a Green card, high living standards, or with quality of life in the US. It's just because they love American men.

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What are the best qualities of European girls for marriage?

First of all, Europe is not homogeneous, which means everything we can say here will be a large generalization. Every woman is unique, both in the United States and in Europe, and we can only talk about some general things and character traits here. However, there are some differences that can be generalized. European girls are straightforward, beautiful, loyal, and responsible. They do really love American men, and most of them are family-oriented. Let's be more specific.

  1. They are straightforward. Some men are afraid of straightforward women because they are "dominating". But when it comes to European wives, "dominating" and "heartless" are definitely not the right words. These women are not scared to show their true selves. They accept their faults and are always honest (which means they expect you to be honest, too). If you don't believe there's anything wrong with it, you'll love European girls for marriage.
  2. And of course, they are very hot. Yes, they all are different. Spanish girls differ from Polish women, and French ladies are not like Scandinavian or Ukrainian brides. But they all have one thing in common: they are really attractive and hot. And they have an amazing sense of style — we don’t know how it works, but it looks like they have a better handle on dressing than women from the United States. No offense, please!
  3. Do you want to find a loyal woman? That’s what European mail order brides are. Again, it doesn't matter what country you will choose — all these girls stay true to their partners and can be safely called "loyal". Whether it's casual dating or marriage, these women just don't cheat (even if you don't call her your "girlfriend" yet, she still won't see other people). The divorce rate is also quite low in Europe, especially in Poland, Romania, Austria, and Slovakia.
  4. Strong, effective, responsible, and reliable — these four words describe European mail order brides perfectly. They are consistent and don't complain. But that's not all — European girls for marriage are also traditionally responsible for taking care of their families. This is one of the major differences between them and American women.
  5. And they are marriage-minded, too. Yes, they are — especially if we're talking about Eastern European brides. The girls from the Western European countries are also family-oriented, and most of them have very serious intentions.

How to find a European bride?

Everything is simple: you’ll only need to find a good mail bride platform. Why not a casual dating app like Tinder? It’s all about the audience. Tinder and similar apps are full of women who need to find a one-night stand with a handsome American man. Mail order bride platforms are just what they sound like. There are thousands of European girls for marriage who want to find something serious. If you are searching for European brides (emphasis on the word brides), you need the services that are full of them, not Tinder and other dtf apps.

Why haven't we talked about offline dating? Because if you're dating in 2020, it's online dating. You can travel to Germany, Spain, Poland, or any other country to pick a woman up on the street, but there are two problems with it. The first problem is that not all of them can speak English well (remember, we are talking about women on the streets here, not about mail order brides). The second problem is that approaching girls is quite difficult. But if you're OK with this, you can try offline dating, too. Just don't expect to find a lot of girls who will be ready for a serious relationship if you want to approach them on the European streets.

Short 101 on your first date with a European woman

Looking for a European date is excellent because very different girls live there, and you can find a perfect partner. To have an excellent date with a woman from another country, you need to know what to do, and we are here to offer you everything you need.

  • Where to go? Your first date should be casual and simple. Don’t try to impress your girl by taking her to some fancy restaurant.
  • How to act with a European date? Don’t try too much. European women like men who are modern and respectful. Treat your date as an equal, and you will be fine.
  • What to talk about? If you can, learn something about your date beforehand. Find out what her hobbies are and talk about them. If you cannot do that, just ask your date what she wants to talk about.
  • Who is paying? You can try to pay the bill, but a European woman is very likely to ask you to split it.

How much do European brides cost?

You can’t buy European women for marriage, so we can not tell you how much exactly you will have to pay to find a lady. But here’s what you have to know: it’s certainly not free.

First of all, you will have to buy a premium subscription (or credits) on a dating service. There are many free sites, but we believe they are not worth it. They often don’t have an ID verification for the girls, and their anti-scam protection is usually quite weak. That’s why we only recommend using paid dating platforms. One month premium membership will cost you about $30-$60, but you’ll have to pay even more for some additional premium features (like gift delivery). The good news is you will not have to pay for translation services. The absolute majority of European mail order brides know English well, so there's no need to translate your emails or messages in a chat.

Then, you will have to meet your European bride, and this is where the expensive part of the story begins. Some dating agencies run tours to Europe, which cost up to $5,000. It is a little expensive actually — you can compare cheap flights and hotels without paying the agency and therefore save up to $2,500-$3,000. But again, it depends on the country, the hotel level, and so on. You are probably focused on marriage, like all the European women you will find on such websites. So you'll also have to spend something about $2,000-$10,000. That's how much weddings cost across Europe. Eastern European countries are obviously cheaper in this regard.

It’s quite expensive, we know — but here’s the list of tips that will help you to save some money:

  • Choose only the safest platforms with ID verification. If the site has strong anti-scam protection, you will never lose your money on it.
  • Avoid sending flowers and gifts via the dating platforms. These features are usually extremely expensive (better bring a bouquet to the first date).
  • When it comes to online dating, here’s how it works: the cooler the messaging tool is, the more expensive it is. That’s why you’ll save a lot of money if you don’t spend hours in a video chat. But don’t worry, you can always send emails and use the live chat (these messaging tools are usually cheaper).

Final thoughts

European women are perfect — hot, straightforward, feminine, and well-educated. If you want to find a European bride, try mail order bride platforms. They are not too expensive, and they’re usually full of girls with serious intentions. Choose the site, sign up, and have good luck!

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