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Italian Mail Order Brides & International Dating

Italian mail order brides are stunning, they are perfect wife material, and they love Americans. What’s more important, you won’t have to spend too much to find an Italian bride.
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Are Italian mail order brides really that perfect?

European women are very pretty, but Italians are often called the most beautiful ladies in Europe. The good news is they are not just hot — they are also feminine, they love dating foreigners, and they are very open-minded and easygoing. What’s even more important, there are thousands or even tens of thousands of Italian mail order brides who are seeking for an American husband. They know English, have very serious intentions, and see nothing wrong in moving to the United States. Right now, we’ll talk in more detail about these women and about dating Italian mail order brides.

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Italian mail order bride cost

If you are interested in an Italian mail bride, we have everything you need! Take a look at how affordable and enjoyable your online dating experience can get!  Online dating will cost just under $100 per month on most dating sites with Italian girlfriends. If you want to know what else you should consider while buying an Italian wife, check it out below.

How much does an Italian wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Italy. The cost starts from $400 to $740 for a one-way ticket.
  • Gifts and flowers. You can get everything you want for about $200.
  • Hotel and accommodations. $50 for affordable rooms, $100 for mid-range, and $800 for high-end.
  • Wedding. In general, Italian mail order bride pricing for a wedding starts from $10,500.

Why do Italian women want to leave their country?

Don’t get us wrong: Italian brides are not forced to flee from their country like some Arabic women. They don’t want to leave Italy due to major economic problems, like some Ukrainian, Russian, or Viet girls. They want to leave it and to date Americans because of two simple reasons. They either think that they can get a better life in the US or believe that American men are better than their local ones.

First of all, it’s the economic and social situation in Italy that makes them think about moving to another country. As we’ve said, the economy is certainly not awful in Italy, but it’s still far from perfect, especially when we compare it with the US. Thus, lots of Italian women are still unemployed, and segregation still exists here. Even despite women are often more skilled than men in this country, they are still forced to make a choice between family and career. Just think about it. A typical Italian girl dedicates 5 hours per day to the house! Italian women are very modern, and they know that they can get a better life in the United States. That’s why they often want to leave their country.

But it isn’t the main reason. The most common one sounds like this. Some Italian mail order brides think that American men are better than Italian guys. We don't want to offend anyone here — Italian men are cool, handsome, and all that. But they are not perfect. Like, they often believe that there is nothing wrong with cheating on their partners. It's part of their culture when men are expected to be "machos" and have sex with as many girls as they can. No doubt it's quite pleasant for these guys. But Italian women, especially those from the Southern part of the country, are searching for loyal men with serious intentions. And they believe that Americans meet these requirements.

Why is everyone so crazy about Italian women?

If you need to find an Italian woman for marriage, you have to know something about these ladies first. Why are they so good, and are they really that perfect? What are their most prominent traits? Continue reading to find the answers!

  1. They are really stunning. Italy is one of the countries that have a reputation for having extremely hot women (like Brazil, Ukraine, South Korea, etc.). You don't have to base your perception of Italian brides on, say, Monica Bellucci. It's like thinking that an average American woman looks like Gal Gadot or Scarlett Johansson. It's called "generalization", and it's not actually a good thing. But still, Italian girls for marriage are fantastically beautiful — just sign up for any dating site, take a look at the profiles, and you’ll see it.
  2. They are extremely easy to date. First of all, Italy is the fourth "flirtiest" country in the world (only Spanish, Polish, and Dominican women are more flirty than Italians). The second reason why we are saying it is that these girls are not cold and reserved at all. Except we are talking about the very first date with a woman from South Italy. You will not have any problems on your first date with an Italian bride, that’s all you need to know.
  3. They love their families, and they are very family-oriented. Women from Western Europe are often focused on their careers more. But Italian girls for marriage prefer building a family and raising children.
  4. They are passionate and emotional. It’s a stereotype, but it’s 100% true. Italian wives are very emotional. And even if it can be a bit annoying sometimes, it’s still one of the main reasons why everyone loves these women.
  5. They always look stylish. Most Italian brides have a very good taste and a great sense of style. Milan is the fashion capital of the world, after all. And it looks like Italian women know everything about stylish clothes.
  6. They are very traditional, especially when we’re talking about South Italian women. Women from the Northern part of this country are, in turn, very modern and not that conservative.
  7. They are also quite straightforward. It's not that they are "too dominating", no. But if they have problems or if they think that you've done something wrong, they will say it to your face.

Dating tips: What you have to know about dating an Italian bride

Italian women for marriage are not like American ladies. And dating culture in this country also differs from the one in the United States. Continue reading — we’ve collected some tips here, and if you follow them, you’ll have a great first date.

  • They can be suspicious at first encounter, and you’ll have to solve this problem. It's not like you will have to break the ice, but here's what you must know. These women are a bit old-style, and they can be a little hesitant to make the first move. It’s always a man who makes the first step when we’re talking about Italian girls for marriage.
  • Be a true gentleman, and always be confident. These women love such men — and of course, they also love it when a man acts like a gentleman.
  • Slow down. It's probably the main difference between Italian and American dating styles — in Italy, they take things slowly. You should keep the balance between not pushing too hard and not being too reserved at the same time.
  • Gift giving will most likely work well. Buy flowers (only odd numbers!) or a perfume — it’s a perfect sign of affection.
  • Pay for the dates. Some Italian girls prefer to go Dutch, while others don’t. However, even the women who prefer splitting the bill will not get offended if you pay for the date. Those who are more conservative, in turn, will be happy if you want to pay for it. That’s why we highly recommend to do it — it’s a classic win/win situation.

Final thoughts

There are tens of thousands of Italian brides. Almost all of them know English well and have no problems with dating American men. These girls are extremely beautiful, intelligent, and the majority of them want to build a family with a man from the United States. So why waste time? Sign up for one of the international dating services and start chatting with all these stunning Italian girls today!

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