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American Mail Order Brides

American brides are independent and intelligent, but that's not all. They are also very supportive and beautiful — and here, we'll tell you all you need to know about them.
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American women: Are they worth dating?

Oh, yes, they are definitely worth it. Although lots of American men tend to find foreign women more interesting than girls from the United States, this is not really the case and there isn’t anything wrong with American brides — it’s just "the grass is always greener on the other side" situation. In fact, American women for marriage are perfect, especially if you are not looking for a shy, quiet, and submissive woman who will be a forever stay-at-home mom. These women are very strong and independent, but at the same time, they are emotional, feminine, and very supportive. We’ll tell you more about them here.

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Why Dating American Brides Might be The Best Way For You?

Dating american brides might be the best way for you to find a wife. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • American women are more open to dating foreigners than other countries
  • You will have a better chance of finding a compatible partner with an American bride rather than in your home country
  • There is less competition in America for foreign men
  • American women are more educated and more likely to be employed
  • The United States is a melting pot that is easy to live in

American mail order bride cost

Seek American mail order brides and enjoy your time with them. Did you know that the average cost of American mail order bride is just under $60 per month! That’s right, you just need to spend $60 every month to have a chance to chat with millions of single ladies who are ready for serious relationships. Now, let’s take a look at how much you need to spend to actually marry your American bride!

How much does a American wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to your date. Depending on where your bride lives, you will have to spend from $100 to $500.
  • Gifts and flowers. Again, it depends on where your bride lives, but the prices on flowers in the United States are not that high. A budget of $300 would be enough at first.
  • Hotel and accommodations. Same goes here—if your bride lives in California, you can expect to find a decent hotel for about $150 per night. If she is from Colorado, the price would be lower. 
  • Wedding. The average American mail order bride pricing for a wedding is $34,000.

Top-8 facts you should know about American brides

If you are not from the United States, here's what you have to know: women are different in this country. However, it would be weird to generalize — we can't say that 100% of these women love similar things or want the same from their partners. But still, we can tell you at least 8 facts about American mail order brides — so if you have never dated any United States women, we believe that this list will be useful for you. Let's start.

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  1. They are not actually marriage-minded. Almost 80% of people between 18 and 29 years old think that it's acceptable for a couple to live together EVEN if they are not going to get married. American girls are not too conservative: they don’t usually consider cohabitation without marriage something wrong. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to have a family, of course — it just means that if you are looking for a woman who doesn't need to get married right away, American girls for marriage are for you.
  2. These women are very independent and they believe that every person should have equal rights. You’ve probably heard that these women have been fighting for equality and "independence" for years, and well, they succeeded at it brilliantly. However, it’s not really that perfect — while the US is often considered the best place for gender equality, in reality, it's only ranked 53rd. This, by the way, is often called one of the reasons why these women want to leave their country.
  3. American beauties are intelligent and educated. More than 29,000,000 women have at minimum a bachelor's degree (and the US education system is actually better than most Americans think) and women in the United States account for more than half of the college-educated labor force.
  4. They are very different. The United States of America is a large country, which means it's quite hard to say "All American women are like this or like that". In some states, such as Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, etc, women are raised in a traditional way (these states are called the Bible Belt for a reason), while in some other states, women are much more liberated when it comes to dating and sex. That's why it's possible to find the right woman for every taste in the United States. Literally.
  5. They support their partners and do their best to push their men to succeed. It's very simple — your American wife will give you confidence and she'll always support you.
  6. They are beautiful! We can’t describe the “American beauty” here, because this country is very diverse. African American, Asian-American, Mexican-American, white American ladies — they all are different, but most of them are extremely beautiful.
  7. American wives carry lots of family duties. They don't like cooking — that's a stereotype, but it's a true stereotype. They often don't have enough time to cook — but they work hard, bring up their children, run a household, and even walk their dogs without any problems. They also often organize and plan everything, create schedules, etc.
  8. They are very confident and do their best to achieve their goals. They set the target, they achieve the goal, that's how it works in the United States. This goes for everything, not just for career or education — like, if an American woman for marriage really likes a man, she will do everything to get this man's attention!
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Dating a United States bride: Tips and rules

So, how to attract an American bride? It's not that simple, but don't worry — they are really fond of foreigners, so your chances are already quite good. Follow these tips and the chances will be even higher!

  • Move slower. These women do usually not want to marry their partners right after the first date; sometimes they don't even start to date one person exclusively for weeks! That's why you'll probably have to wait — it would probably be wise to forget the word "marriage" for a few months.
  • They are independent, as we’ve said. You’ll have to handle it. This is often a problem for men from some Asian and Eastern European countries, but even if you are not from these countries, you'll have to deal with the fact that American mail order brides are far from submissive.
  • They are quite talkative, which means two things: you will not have to break the ice (even on the very first date), but you will also have to be a great communicator. They are very talkative sometimes, so you will have to be talkative too! Ask her questions about herself, relax, and enjoy your communication.
  • Don't try to pretend and to lie. Yes, it sounds like some simple and general advice, but it's true — there's no need to pretend that you are someone you are not when it comes to dating USA women. Lying is totally a red flag for American girls, that's true.
  • Look clean, neat, and elegant. It's very important — American women like it when a man looks great (not only American women, by the way). It's not that you must dress like James Bond in No Time to Die; casual and comfortable clothes will work great, too.
  • Offer to pay the bill at the end of the date. If you have a date with a girl you don't feel a connection to (and if you are not going to meet this woman again), splitting the bill is the best option. In all the other cases, going Dutch is not the option. Well, of course, there are some girls who will fight over the tab if you insist on paying the bill, but they are very few. Most American girls will appreciate it that men pay for the date.
  • Don't even try to show off or to impress your American mail order wife by bragging about money/education/etc. First of all, women who live in the US usually make quite good money, so it’s quite hard to impress them with wealth (unless you’re a billionaire, of course). And second, they just don’t like it when a man tries to impress them with money, that’s all.

Final thoughts

American brides are just great. They are very smart and well-educated, they see no problem with dating foreigners, they are beautiful, and they are very strong and independent. If you are searching for an American bride, don’t waste your time — basically, you only need to sign up for an international dating website to start chatting with them!

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