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Filipino Mail Order Brides & International Dating

Filipino brides move to get married more often than their “sisters” from other Asian countries. This happens because of certain social conditions, and yes, it definitely improves a chance of marrying a Filipino hottie.
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What is the Filipino Wife?

The Filipino Wife is a term that has been used to describe the Filipina woman who marries a foreigner.

The term has been used in the Philippines for decades, but it was popularized internationally in the 1990s due to the large number of Filipino women marrying foreigners.

Filipino Women who marry foreigners are often referred to as "Filipino wives" or "Wifeys." The term is usually used in a derogatory way and is considered an insult by some Filipinos.

A Filipino wife is perfect for a Western husband and vice versa. Why?

Western men who were raised in conservative families expect their wives to be more conservative, too. Still, they would like to build a relationship with a woman who has interests, career, hobbies, etc.

Filipino mail order brides who were raised in much more conservative societies face a dilemma. On the one hand, they see that Filipino men expect them to be good wives, but that means that the family is supposed to be their only interest in life. On the other hand, they have a strong desire to be more modern.

Do you see your perfect match in this description? If yes, continue reading this article about a regular Filipino mail order wife in more detail.

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Why do Filipino brides migrate?

Of course, this question is just as important as the rest of the questions about foreign wives. Maybe, it is even a bit more significant just because the right answer to it can break the myths and stereotypes not only about girls from this country but also about all foreign wives from all around the world. So what exactly makes them take this step? Let us consider some facts that can shed some light on their motivation.

  1. The birth rate in the country is declining, and this is partly because people just cannot afford to have a baby.
  2. Unfortunately, adultery is very common. A lot of men have mistresses, and such a love triangle is usually called “querida family”.
  3. Divorced women are still stigmatized – though the country is rapidly developing, women who divorce their husbands still have to face criticism and disapproval of society.

All societies living within a certain county are unique. Of course, there are certain norms and traditions that are changing very slowly. Maybe, in a few decades, the social attitudes to love triangles, the institution of the family, divorces and divorced women will change, but currently, Filipino brides are trapped in a quite difficult situation. No wonder they choose foreign guys to avoid the worst-case scenario.

In other words, a typical Filipino mail order wife is looking for a loving man who will respect her and treat her not only as a beautiful woman but also as a companion, a friend who will always be with you. These girls cannot change society in their country, so they decide to live in another community and find a man who has different views on family and family values. Well, who are we to blame them?

What is special about them?

What are the most qualities of a regular Filipino mail order brides? Generally speaking, you can expect your future spouse to be:

  • Pretty. Yes, it seems an obvious thing, but Filipinas are naturally beautiful. They do not gain weight (okay, they can gain a few pounds, but they do need to make an effort to do it), they have perfect skin and beautiful bodies. And yes, they are also aging incredibly slowly.
  • Fun and sociable. They are not as shy as some other Asian ladies. You can expect your bride to make friends with all your friends and be your parents’ favorite daughter-in-law.
  • A mix of conservatism & modernity. These girls are special. Traditional family values are still important to them, but they want to be something more than just beautiful women and faithful wives. This does not mean, however, that they will forget about their family because their desire for self-realization is too strong. They just want men to respect their interests. It is not hard at all, especially considering that you get a beautiful, smart, and successful wife.
  • Best moms ever. Filipinas are not only caring wives, smart & hot women, but also perfect moms. They are not overly-controlling and overparenting is uncommon for them – they grow up in a developing country, they know how to overcome challenges, and they do their best to raise good, strong, kind, and generous people.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to choose them.

How to find a Filipino mail order bride?

The Philippines is an amazing place to visit. Nevertheless, all men seeking a Filipino wife inevitably face the same difficulty: a 2-week vacation in this country can be a great experience (and pretty cheap, actually), but you will hardly meet your dream girl in such a short time. Therefore, there is no choice but to start looking for a future wife on the web. Does it make sense in 2020?

Of course, it does. Here are some of the most important benefits of choosing this path:

  1. You do not have to visit the Philippines to meet a girl – you can go there after you find your soulmate.
  2. In most cases, it is much cheaper than just dating a Western girl.
  3. You do not have to date a girl for years until she finally says yes.
  4. You are in a place with the highest concentration of beautiful Filipino brides.
  5. Questionnaires, search, and matchmaking allow finding a perfect date.

However, single guys need to be patient enough to analyze the websites and choose the best one. You can do your own research, reviewing and comparing the sites or pic any of the platforms in our ranking – we made sure that each of them is worth joining.

Filipino mail order bride cost

If you are going to order one of the Filipino women for marriage, you will be disappointed. This is the archaic practice that has been relegated to history. In the modern world, the rules are different.

Of course, it is not for free for men – they pay for service provided by dating platforms (the number and quality of such services usually vary) but not for women themselves. The prices can be very different: membership usually costs $10-100 per month, but there are also plenty of special services that help to make communication more comfortable and thus affect the total price. In general, men spend $2000-8000 dollars, and this is the cost of everything somehow related to their relationship, from the site to plane tickets.

Final thoughts

There are thousands of amazing singles living in the Philippines. Most of them are perfect matches for Western guys due to their ability to “balance” between East and West. Why not use this chance today, when everyone can use the web to make dreams come true? A single guy can meet a single girl from this country without much effort, just by choosing the right site.

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