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Kazakh Mail Order Brides & International Dating

Kazakh brides are blessed with iconic beauty and bright personality. They have a perfect combination of sweetness and spice in their character that is just irresistible.
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Why Kazakh brides become mail order brides?

When you think about Kazakhstan women, the first associations that pop into mind are usually exceptional beauty and traditional values. They seem so gorgeous that it is only natural to wonder why they need online dating at all. Even though each Kazakh mail order wife may have her own reasoning, but the need for a change is the main one for a lot of them.

Kazakhstan is far from being wealthy, and women want a better life. They are drawn to the ambitions and go-getter mentality of Western men. Thanks to her inborn wisdom, a Kazakh wife can make a millionaire out of a waiter, supporting him to achieve his best. This woman will always be there for you!

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Kazakh mail order bride cost

In this section, we are going to tell you everything about the average cost of Kazakh mail order bride. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to find and date your woman. Sure, you will have to pay a substantial amount to get married to her, but that is a completely different story. In fact, your online dating expenses are going to be just about $40-80 per month! Comparing them to real-life expenses to find a real and beautiful date, online dating is almost free! Now, let’s take a closer look at how much you need to spend on your date in real life!

How much does a Kazakh wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Kazakhstan. The cost starts from $1,000 for a one-way ticket.
  • Gifts and flowers. Flowers and presents are not that expensive. $300 would be enough for two weeks.
  • Hotel and accommodations. $50 for affordable rooms, $100 for mid-range, and $150+ for luxurious.
  • Wedding. On average, Kazakh mail order bride pricing for a wedding starts from $7,000.

3 interesting facts about Kazakh girls for marriage

Are you ready to find out what unites Kazakh women? We have collected 3 of the most interesting facts that will help you get to know these girls better.

  1. Kazakh girls for marriage are one of the most beautiful women in the world. But the interesting fact is that only 67.5% of their population is actually Kazakhs. And this ethnic 67.5% are a mixture of various blood, including Russian, Turkish, Mongolian, India-Iranian, and even German DNA. Such an interesting mix resulted in slim, petite Eastern-European beauties with Asian facial features.
  2. Women of Kazakhstan hate doing nothing. If you want to date a Kazakh bride, you should be prepared for various activities. Days, when you spent lots of time watching TV or just sleeping, are gone. Those ladies want their life to be full of new experiences and emotions, so they usually want to try new things.
  3. The majority (70%) of Kazakh mail order brides are Muslim. But you can meet open-minded Muslim girls in Kazakhstan. Is it even possible? Yes! If you expect those stunning ladies to hide their bodies and face, you’ll be disappointed. Don’t get us wrong; they are quite traditional, just not THAT traditional.

Where to find Kazakh women for marriage?

There is a small chance that you can meet a woman from Kazakhstan just by chance, as those ladies love to travel. But relying only on that is not the most effective strategy. There are far better ways to meet your sweetheart, and here are three main options that you have:

  1. Traveling to Kazakhstan. If you have time and means for a trip to Kazakhstan, then you can try looking for Kazakh brides while enjoying the country itself. The only downside is that you have no one to help you, and not knowing where to look for, you may miss the most suitable options.
  2. Dating tour. It is very similar to the first option, but the difference is that such tours are organized by special agencies. They help you meet girls who already have similar intentions, which makes the whole process of finding ‘the one’ much faster.
  3. Online dating. It is not so time-consuming and the easiest option of all. Wonderful thing about it is that you can communicate with different Kazakh wives simultaneously. The only challenge you may have is choosing a dating site. With the huge popularity of this dating type, you’ll have an abundance of options available. Choose wisely and pay attention to safety.

How to date Kazakh mail order brides?

Finding the women you like is not the most challenging thing, as it is far more difficult to conquer her heart. To help you, we gathered some tips and cultural insight on Kazakh women for marriage.

You need to show Kazakh girl for marriage that you are a man

As a rule, those beauties are into men who know what they want. That is why from your first conversations, you should be ready to demonstrate your serious intentions. Telling that you see the future together is equally important as supporting it with actions.

Pay the bill

When it comes to the first date, don’t let her pay for herself. You should know that Kazakhstan is a traditional country, and it is common for men to pay for their women. It is a way of showing that you want to take care of her and support yourself and your future family.

Be romantic

Every woman loves good old romantic gestures. There is no need for something over the top. But a thoughtful message during a busy day, a little gift for no reason, or a bouquet can make your girl happy.

Benefits of Kazakh ladies

There are so many great things that Kazakh woman for marriage can bring into your life. Some of them are:

  • Constant support. This girl will be with you through thick and thin. Kazakh girls know how to care and be the biggest supporters of their loved ones.
  • Self-confidence. Kazakhstan brides are not jealous, so don’t expect unreasonable arguments. They are not used to calling to work or checking the phones of their partners. Trust is something that goes both ways.
  • Not career-oriented. Even though these ladies are attracted to Western men’s ambitious mentality, they do not strive to be only successful in their careers. The majority of women tend to be more dedicated to family and see their self-realization in it.
  • Great wifey material. If she's into you, she will do her utmost to show that she is an indispensable addition to life. That is one of the ways that they show their love and care for their partners.

Difficulties that you may face dating Kazakh girls for marriage

Those beauties are hard nuts to crack

Dating a girl from Kazakhstan is not as easy as it might seem. She is not playing hard to get, but she is genuinely not easy to get. Don’t expect her to let you kiss her on your first date or jump into your bed. Be ready that your intentions will be tested. If you are persistent and patient enough, all your efforts will pay back.

It is a pain to find an English-speaking girl

Those girls are bilingual. But unfortunately, English is not one of their two languages. Younger beauties are usually better with languages, but you should be ready to hire some help. The good thing is that those beauties are very smart and fast learners. Besides, with such help as you, it won’t be a problem at all.

Kazakh brides expect a man to take the lead

Hardly any Kazakh girl would like to be a leader in a relationship. Traditional hierarchy, where man is the head of the family, and the main decision-maker completely suits their values. But don't think you can not treat her as an equal. They are used to being treated like queens, with pure love and respect.


Kazakh names tend to be difficult. Be ready to practice pronunciation a lot, as you will need to remember all of your wife's relatives and friends. But doing that is still worth it, as those people will be over the moon if you can get them right.


Dating a Kazakhstan bride may be a bit challenging. These girls have high standards for themselves and are equally demanding from their partners. However, if you are ready for serious relationships and are not afraid of taking responsibility, the whole process of winning the heart of your future wife would be so much easier. So, don’t be scared, find an international dating site you trust and let cupid do his job.

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