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Romanian Mail Order Brides & International Dating

Romanians are not as popular as, for example, Ukrainian women, but they are certainly worth dating. Here, we'll tell you all you wanna know about them!
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Are Romanian women really that good?

Yes. Romanian women make perfect wives and moms. They are feminine, beautiful, and just great. Thousands of these girls are actively looking for American men. Most of them use international dating websites and are ready to move to the United States. Why do they want to leave Romania? Are they really as good as we’ve just said? How to not mess up on a first date? If you have such questions, simply read our expert guide. And when you finish reading it, you'll know everything about beautiful Romanian brides!

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Why do they want to leave Romania?

It might be quite difficult to understand why would a beautiful, intelligent, and well-educated woman want to leave her country. The reality is that Romania is quite poor, and Romanian men are often can't be called "gentlemen." At the same time, American men are usually more loyal and respectful to their women. Let's talk about these two reasons.

First of all, Romanian brides are not satisfied with the level of life in their country. Although Romania is a European country, its economy is not really developed. The number of workers at risk of in-work poverty is an eloquent proof of our statement. In Romania, almost 20% of working people are at risk of poverty, which is extremely high. In the USA, it is 6.8% for men and 9% for women. Unfortunately, Romania is a poor country, so it’s obvious that local girls want to leave it. It also makes sense that they choose the United States — most of them know English quite well. American men are quite popular in this country since the 1990s, and these women have nothing wrong with moving to the USA.

The second reason is quite deep, but here’s how it sounds. Romanian girls for marriage are totally satisfied with local men and with traditional patriarchy. The thing is, it is still a patriarchal state where everything revolves around men. But we are not even talking about "slight" problems like the gender pay gap and all that — the problem is much more serious in this country. Just think about it: 55% of Romanians agreed that sexual intercourse without consent could be justified under certain circumstances! This country does also has serious problems with domestic violence and gender equality. So it makes sense why Romanian women tend to search for men from countries that have already solved these problems. It's also reasonable that they expect American guys to treat them with much more respect than their local men. And that’s one of the most common reasons why they want to leave their country.

Are Romanian women worth dating?

Yes, they are certainly worth it! Romania is not the most popular mail order bride country in Europe (because it's usually Ukraine and Russia that take all the glory). But it doesn’t mean that Romanian women for marriage are not worth your attention. They are worth it, we can guarantee.

We won’t talk about all these obvious things like their beauty and all that. We mean, yes, they are extremely beautiful (thanks to genetics, society, and culture). But this is not the only reason why Romanian girls are worth dating. There are at least five more reasons, and here, you'll find all of them.

  1. They are loyal. Romanian girls for marriage, just as all the other ladies from Eastern and Southeastern Europe, are often called the most loyal women in the world. They also prefer to solve the problem instead of leaving their partners. Romania is in the list of the top European countries with the lowest divorce rates. Just compare 1.6 divorces per 1,000 people with Nevada's 5.6 divorces or Oklahoma's 5.2.
  2. They are pretty relaxed and easy-going. It's not just "easy-going" or "simple," actually. These women are more like "uncomplicated," which means they act mature even if they are in their 20s. If you're searching for an easy-going partner in your romantic relationships, Romanian girls are what you need.
  3. They are independent but, at the same time, very feminine. It’s very simple: they are raised to be “real women.” They are extremely feminine but, at the same time, quite Westernized, so we can also safely call them independent and strong. It’s really a perfect combination.
  4. They are very family-oriented. You’ve probably heard of it because that’s what all Eastern European ladies have in common. And Romanian women for marriage are not an exception, of course. All of them have very serious intentions, so casual dating is not an option if you want to date a Romanian girl.
  5. They are not afraid to express themselves by having contact. Romanian women are often called very flirty. And it's true — they have no problems with getting closer to people, both emotionally and physically. This feature makes the first dates with Romanian women extremely fun. So don't worry, you won't have to break the ice on your date. There is no ice when it comes to Romanian girls.

How to impress a Romanian bride?

  • They are actually like other European women. Be a gentleman, and you’ll have a great first date. Buy her a bouquet of her favorite flowers, find some stylish clothes, be polite and respectful. It’s actually quite simple, but they do really love it.
  • Never flirt with other women (it’s obvious for Romanians, but not for Americans). Just forget about meeting other women when you have a relationship with a Romanian girl, even if you are not a couple yet.
  • Try to learn something about her country. It’s another bit of general advice that works for foreign women from all over the world, but it still works! You can also learn a few phrases in her language to impress a Romanian girl even more.
  • Compliments are important. But don’t exaggerate. Romanian mail order brides love to hear compliments, but they are very good at spotting a lie. So don’t forget to tell her how beautiful she is. But don’t go overboard with a bunch of compliments.

Final thoughts

If you are thinking of having a Romanian wife, don’t hesitate — you are going to make one of the best decisions of your life! These women are definitely worth your attention. They are very hot and have serious intentions. They love Americans and are both strong and feminine. Do you want to find a Romanian mail order bride? Just read our reviews of dating services and choose the one that looks best to you!

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