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Thousands of men are in need of hot and smart women who do not want to get their money. They can meet them in Japan if they choose the top Japanese mail order bride site.
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A Japanese wife is perfect for a Western husband and vice versa. Why?

For most skeptics, "Japanese mail order bride" is the oxymoron. In their opinion, foreign girls who get married to someone living in another country have no motivation except for financial ones. Consequently, Japanese women for marriage who are not supposed to experience serious financial difficulties are just a myth, right?

Not exactly. In fact, a few years ago, over 6,000 single ladies in Japan got married to foreigners. Surprisingly, these numbers are bigger when it comes to men – over 14,000 of Japanese guys chose foreign girls. Ironically, a lot of them married MOBs from other countries. So why do both Japanese men and Japanese brides choose people from other cultures? Let us find out.

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Japanese mail order bride cost

If you wish to learn about the average cost of Japanese mail order bride, we will help you with everything! Let’s start with online dating— on average, Japanese mail order bride pricing on dating sites ranges from $50 to $100 per month. Now, let’s take a closer look at how much you need to spend on your date in real life!

How much does a Japanese wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Japan. The cost ranges from $1,000 to $1,700 for a one-way ticket.
  • Gifts and flowers. It is rather expensive to get presents for your date. Expect to pay around $600 in two weeks.
  • Hotel and accommodations. $70-140 per night.
  • Wedding. The average Japanese mail order bride pricing for a wedding is $31,000.

Society in which Japanese brides live

We have already noted that men in Japan marry foreign women, too. Most often, these are ladies from other Asian countries. More precisely, the statistics are as follows: about 37% marry Chinese women, 22% - Philippine, 13% - Korean, 6% - Thai, and over 15% - women of another ethnicity. Why is this information important? Well, it just allows comparing the preferences of men and women in Japan.

Japanese men marry women from other, significantly poorer countries because they get a kind of advantage in marriage. They are stronger, smarter, and more successful, and they like to feel this way, and more importantly, ladies like this too.

Japanese mail order brides, in turn, have different reasons to marry foreigners. Firstly, they seek real, pure equality. This, however, does not mean that they are not feminine or that they are "manlier" than girls from other Asian countries – they just like how men from Western countries treat a woman more. The interesting fact is also that Japanese wives who marry Western guys are seen to be "life-style migrants" if they live overseas or seeking "modern husbands and modern marriage" if they stay in their native country. Generally speaking, they are internationally-minded women seeking love, harmony, and respect.

Considering the unique beauty of a regular Japanese bride, no wonder men are happy to marry them. But are there any other reasons to get married to a girl from such a beautiful and unique culture?

The popularity of Japanese mail order brides: what is their secret?

Hence, there are a lot of fantastic qualities that make Western men choose a Japanese wife. Here are the best and the most significant of them (at least when it comes to marriage):

  • Honesty. Some people suppose that all Asians are ready to do everything not to lose face. Well, yes, it is important for Japanese brides, too (so you can expect your wife to always try to keep it), but they are still very honest and loyal. These are the qualities that most foreign men like.
  • Smart is the new sexy. The recent research showed that the number of female students in Japan has grown significantly. More precisely, in 2018, 1.28 million women entered the universities compared to 1.19 million girls in 2010. Whatever skeptics say, men looking for a Japanese mail order wife want her to be intelligent and educated just because they understand that a wife is something more than just a pretty face and a hot body.
  • Respect for cleanliness. Yes, that right. A Japanese girl for marriage is likely to be the best wife not just because she is loyal, honest, hot, and intelligent but also because she respects order and cleanliness. There is no need to say that this is a good quality for a wife, too.
  • Talent for hard work. According to social research, women who contributed significantly to household income did not forget about their careers. This, by the way, is a great counter-argument to people claiming that foreign wives want nothing but their husbands’ money. Japanese mail order brides who get married to guys of other ethnicities usually continue to earn money and build their careers.
  • More emotional than you thought they are. Some people note that marrying a Japanese woman is condemning yourself to live a boring, very boring, "sterile" life. Well, you will be surprised to know how emotional these women can really be. Of course, it would be wrong to compare them to Latinas, but still, Japanese ladies know how to express emotions, too.

As you can see, they have a lot of qualities which are considered attractive not only in Japanese society but also in the rest of the world. There are also certain things that are especially great in the opinion of Western countries. Generally speaking, guys from America, Europe, and Australia value the mix of femininity, inner strength, and of course, natural beauty the most.

How can a man meet a Japanese mail order wife?

50 years ago, only 5,000 marriages in Japan were interethnic. 10 years ago, this figure has reached 34,000. Of course, a certain number of men and women who married foreign boyfriends and girlfriends met each other in Japan or in the country of a foreign spouse. However, a lot of them met each other on the web. Furthermore, joining the niche platform is still the most convenient and definitely the most effective way to get closer to a Japanese girl for marriage.

How does it happen for girls? Well, everything is simple. They just find an international website that seems good enough and joins it. Of course, they also can join the low-quality platform, but the risks are lower for them. All they need is not to send/give money (women do not usually pay for dating services) and not to provide any info except for the basic data.

In fact, everything gets much complicated when a man starts to search for a trusted niche platform with a real woman. Still, though a bachelor needs to spend much time checking the platform and maybe also comparing the options, it is worth it. Joining a really good website means getting access to real Japanese singles. Here are some criteria to consider when choosing the site:

  1. Number of Japanese brides
  2. Quality of photos and videos they upload, amount of information they provide about themselves (the more the better)
  3. Number & quality of services (for example, chatting, calls, real meetings in Japan, gift delivery, etc.)
  4. Billing policy, loyalty programs, discounts for new and regular members
  5. Safety, anti-scam protection

Simply put, foreign men can marry a Japanese wife even if they do not work/study in Japan. These women really make good wives, especially to guys who value the qualities that we listed above. However, it is also crucially important to understand that this is impossible without choosing the right niche site, so check out the top options on this page or do your own research. Just be careful and note that you cannot get anything without even trying.


So, do girls who do not mind moving to another country to get married to a decent guy exist? Of course, they do, even when it comes to Japan, and now you know how you can meet some of them without even visiting Japan. So, if you really like everything we said about them, why not give it a try?

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