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Icelandic Mail Order Brides & International Dating

Icelandic girls for marriage are probably the best example of Nordic women and their many attractive qualities that make them perfect for serious relationships and marriage.
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Why should you choose an Icelandic woman for marriage?

Iceland is a distant, beautiful, and mysterious country that millions of people dream of visiting. And while there are lots of things to see and do in Iceland, there is one particular aspect of the country that draws the attention of men from all over the world.

We are, of course, talking about the incredible Icelandic mail order brides, who have so many attractive features that it’s nearly impossible to describe them all in one post. However, if you know little to nothing about Icelandic mail order brides, we are convinced you will want an Icelandic wife by the time you have finished reading.

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Icelandic mail order bride cost

Scandinavian women have always been desirable among Americans. And now that you can find a real Icelandic mail order bride for just $10-40 per month, online communication with these girls has become even more appealing! However, you will spend a lot in Iceland as it is a very expensive country! Now, let’s take a closer look at how much you need to spend on your date in real life!

How much does an Icelandic wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Iceland. The cost starts from $450-500 to get to Reykjavik.
  • Gifts and flowers. Flowers and presents are also rather costly. Expect to spend around $700 on presents and gifts.
  • Hotel and accommodations. Hotels are expensive in Iceland.  The prices start from  $200-580 for one night.
  • Wedding. The average cost of Icelandic mail order brides for a wedding is $20,000.

With just a little under 180,000 women living in the country right now, Iceland has a surprisingly high number of women who decide to become mail order brides. This happens not only due to the desire of Icelandic women to get married to foreigners but also due to the growing interest of foreign men in Icelandic brides and their best features.

They are naturally gorgeous

While the appearance of Icelandic beauties can be very diverse, and lately, they have been getting more willing to experiment with their looks, most Icelandic girls for marriage share several universal beauty traits: blonde hair, fair skin, green or blue eyes, and subtle facial features that look lovely even with zero makeup on.

They know their self-worth

You will hardly find an Icelandic woman who throws herself at men hoping to land the most eligible bachelor. Icelandic brides are more than capable of achieving everything on their own and they are not prepared to give up their self-respect for a relationship.

They are resilient and hard-working

The Icelandic climate and nature have clearly influenced the character of Icelandic women. They have learned to persevere and work hard to achieve what they want. This creates an interesting power dynamic in a relationship between an Icelandic bride and her man.

They understand the value of family

Even in major Icelandic cities, people prefer to live in tight communities consisting mostly of family members. In Icelandic culture, the family is the most important component of happy living and the one thing that Icelandic mail order brides value most of all in their lives.

They have all-around interesting personalities

You don’t need to spend a lot of time with an Icelandic mail order wife to realize she may be one of the most interesting and unusual people you have ever talked to. Icelandic culture and language have developed nearly independently from the rest of the world, and the result is a completely unique but fascinating outlook of Icelandic women for marriage.

Famous women of Icelandic descent

Over the centuries, Iceland has given the world dozens of outstanding personalities, and there are many women who made Iceland recognized internationally for their achievements. These are some of the famous Icelandic women you should know about.

  1. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, the former President of Iceland who served for 16 consecutive years and became the first female president in the world that was democratically elected.
  2. Hildur Guðnadóttir, a composer who recently gained prominence after winning numerous awards for her work on the hit movie Joker, as well as the HBO series Chernobyl.
  3. Björk Guðmundsdóttir, or simply Björk, as she’s better known around the world, is probably the most famous woman to ever come out of Iceland. Björk achieved success as a musician and actress.

What should you know about dating an Icelandic bride?

On one hand, Icelandic women for marriage share a lot of views and cultural peculiarities with their Western counterparts. On the other hand, you still need to be prepared for your dating experience with an Icelandic mail order bride. Here are some tips that will help.

  • Icelandic brides strive for equality in a relationship. An Icelandic bride cannot stand when a man tries to make the decision for her or doesn’t listen to what she has to say. Hopefully, you won’t make that mistake.
  • Icelandic women can be hardly impressed with standard dates and gifts. Your Icelandic mail order bride may be happy with one or two restaurant dates and flowers as tokens of your attention, but she will need something more special as your relationship progresses.
  • Icelandic brides want to be sure about the future. Icelandic girls are in no rush to get married, but they don’t like wasting their time either. They need to know you have serious intentions, and you can prove it by discussing your plans for the future.

Getting ready to meet the parents of your Icelandic mail order bride

Sooner or later, your Icelandic mail order bride will invite you to her home country so that you could meet her parents. There is no need to get stressed out about the meeting, as they will be excited to get to know you and show you the Icelandic hospitality. Needless to say, it’s best to bring some gifts for your future in-laws, but other than that, you can simply relax and let the conversation flow freely.

A wedding ceremony in Iceland

Iceland is a country of many fascinating customs and they are best displayed in a traditional Icelandic wedding. Here are the most important ones to know about.

  • An endless range of wedding venues. In Iceland, couples are not limited in their choice of a perfect location. If you are a man of traditional values, there are plenty of cozy little churches to choose from, but outdoor weddings are also very popular in Iceland. (Source)
  • Kransakaka instead of a wedding cake. Even at the most modern Icelandic wedding, you will hardly ever see a classic wedding cake with white frosting and several tiers. Instead, the guests will be served Kransakaka, a traditional layered pastry that is often elaborately decorated.
  • A morning-after gift. This is one of the oldest Icelandic wedding customs that has survived until nowadays. After the first night, the newlyweds spend time together, the husband is expected to give his wife something to commemorate their new status.


A decision to marry an Icelandic lady is undoubtedly a bold one, but it’s the one decision you will never regret. Icelandic women for marriage are not just physically appealing and smart — they also value their men and know how to make them happy. Start the search for your ideal Icelandic mail order bride today and you can be celebrating your own Icelandic wedding sooner than you ever hoped!

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