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Thai women face a challenge. Well-educated, successful girls just can’t find equal men in Thailand. That’s why foreign guys have a good chance to meet a hot and smart Thai wife.
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A Thai wife is perfect for a Western husband and vice versa. Why?

Today, Thailand is not only a popular tourist destination but also a matter of great interest for social researchers. Thai society is now changing, and these changes lead to surprising consequences. Did you know that according to statistics, Thai universities graduate almost two women for every man? Local marriage markets, in turn, are too tight. At the same time, though many Thai brides remain single due to the lack of "socially equal" men, they still want to get married and often look for a suitable match abroad. Social attitude toward online dating is also changing: almost half of Thai people know one or even more couples who have met online. All this indicates that the popularity of online dating and niche websites is likely to grow.

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Thai mail order bride cost

Dating a foreign woman is usually not that expensive. Especially if you are looking for a Thai mail order bride. In fact, the average cost of Thai mail order bride is just around $10,000, and that includes a wedding and all dating expenses! Online dating will cost you around $40-80 per month. As for in-person expenses, we have a detailed section down below!

How much does a Thai wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Thailand. Thai mail order bride pricing starts with flying to this country. A one-way ticket starts from $800.
  • Gifts and flowers. Presents and flowers are not expensive in Thailand—expect to spend around $100-150.
  • Hotel and accommodations. You can find luxurious places to impress your bride. The minimum that you will have to spend is $400 per 2 weeks. The maximum is up to $10,000 just for a hotel.
  • Wedding. Weddings in Thailand are expensive, although you can spend just around $3,000 and have a small but decent ceremony and celebration.

Social conditions in Thailand: why do Thai brides leave?

Attitude to marriage and expectations about future spouses are highly influenced by social trends. Simply put, there are a few things that make a regular Thai mail order wife leave the country to get married to a foreigner. What are these things? Let us take a look.

  • Over 53.5% of women in Thailand have an undergraduate degree and 60% of them are in the workforce. No wonder they are looking for a partner who is as or more educated then they are, open-minded, with equal or bigger salary abroad – it is pretty hard to find such a male single in the local marriage market.
  • Thai society faces unmet fertility because the decision to have a child is taken with consideration of plenty of various factors from economics to the kind of relationship between the two potential parents. Women search for men who will help them get prepared and finally take this step. Simply put, they want to establish family confidence and stability.
  • Low economic growth influences the institution of family, too. Yes, that is right. Low economic growth is one of the reasons why Thai brides look for a foreign husband. Getting married to a foreigner makes it easier to integrate into a foreign society. However, we should emphasize that this is not about a husband’s money. Searching for a future spouse in another country if you want to leave your native country just makes more sense, that is all.

Despite the fact that more and more women remain single, just because an average Thai mail order bride does not want to date and marry a less educated and less successful man, a family is still incredibly important. Thai parents wish for their children to get married, and marriage itself is an important life course event that accords full adult status.

What about the moral qualities of the Thai mail order brides?

So, there is a supply. But what about the demand? Why Western men prefer to marry Thai wives and not women they can see every day? In fact, the "demand" for Asian ladies, in particular, girls from Thailand is huge, and that is definitely not a coincidence.

Did you know that Thailand has won 3 crowns at the Big Four international beauty pageants? This country is known for its beautiful women, and yes, this is one of the main reasons why many men visit this country or sign up for niche dating websites. Some of them hope to meet hot Thai bar girls, and some look for Thai brides.

The difference between them is huge. Guys from the first group do not really care about the qualities of women they meet a few times. Men who are looking for a future spouse, in turn, want to know what kind of person they are likely to meet in this country. The info below is exactly what the guys who are ready to settle down need to know.

So, here are some of the most appealing and important qualities of a Thai wife:

  1. Strong but soft. For some people, these are two opposite things, but a Thai mail order bride is likely to be strong, confident, and self-motivated and at the same time very relaxed, feminine, and gentle.
  2. Friendly and trusting. We would like to quote a teacher who has come to this country and spent some time there: "People are open and trusting. They teach others how to be more empathetic, how to appreciate simple things, how to accept that we have no real control over our own lives".
  3. Positive minded and always smiling. Some people call this country the "Land of Smiles". More importantly, smiles in this country are not just politeness or expression of amusement, it is just a natural, integral part of life.
  4. Not losing face is crucially important. Like most other Asian women, Thai wives are always polite, bounded, and calm. In part, this is explained because losing face is one of the worst things that can happen to someone.
  5. Avoiding confrontations. This is probably one of the most important things that you need to know about Thai mail order brides and reasons why they are so attractive to men. They always try to avoid confrontations, they do not initiate conflicts and they use to compromise.

These qualities are what a lot of men from developed countries look for in future wives, and they are the main reason why Thai mail order bride websites are this popular.

How does online dating in Thailand work?

As we have noted before, attitude toward online dating in Thailand is changing. Today, it is less stigmatized than a few decades ago – over 50% of Thai know at least one couple who met each other on the web. Currently, it becomes even more popular just because joining one of such sites is the only way for a Thai woman to find a foreign husband.

Here is how this system works for women:

  1. A woman finds an agency or a dating platform.
  2. She provides all the information about herself (it has to be relevant), photos and/or videos.
  3. She creates her profile and starts to contact men and communicate with them for free.

Here is how it works for men:

  1. A man finds the site with Thai brides.
  2. He provides all the basic information about himself, can upload or not upload his photos/videos.
  3. He creates a profile, test services.
  4. If he likes the site and women, he can upgrade to premium and start to contact women and communicate with them.

In general, such niche websites are pretty much like most other dating sites, but there are some special services like gift delivery, romance tours arrangement, etc. Choosing the right platform is necessary for finding a Thai wife.

Final thoughts

Simply put, Western men and women in Thailand meet each other’s requirements. Ladies in this country are smarter, better educated, and stronger than the majority of Thai men and, at the same time, they are more feminine, gentle, and calmer than most women in the western world. Guys in the US, Australia, Canada and plenty of other countries, in turn, match Thai ladies’ criteria. Considering this, niche online dating platforms and mail order bride services are likely to become more and more popular.

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