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Norwegian Mail Order Brides & International Dating

Norwegian brides are the perfect choice for a man who wants to build a loving relationship based on equality, mutual respect, and intellectually stimulating conversations.
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Are Norwegian mail order brides the right option for you?

Norwegian girls for marriage are not your typical mail order brides from Asia or Eastern Europe. They don’t want a relationship where they can be completely dependent on their partner. Instead, they see marriage as a union of two equal individuals who not only love but also value each other.

A relationship with a Norwegian bride will open up a different side of life for you. After you date a self-reliant but feminine and tender Norwegian woman, you won’t be able to imagine yourself with anyone else. And that is exactly what makes Norwegian women so popular on the international mail order bride scene.

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Norwegian mail order bride cost

Women from Norway are excellent for long-term and serious relationships. And online dating can offer you great chances to meet your soulmate quickly and easily. And it won’t be extremely expensive. At least online dating won’t be that costly—you can spend just under $100 on your date in a single month! Now, let’s take a closer look at real-life expenses.

How much does a Norwegian wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Norway. The cheapest tickets cost $200. The average cost is $420 though.
  • Gifts and flowers. Presents, flowers, and anything that can help you bond with your potential wife are rather expensive in Norway. You should spend at least $500 to make a good impression.
  • Hotel and accommodations. There are many smart hotels in Norway that cost around $80 per night. But if you want something more prestigious, you can find hotel rooms for about $150-200 per night.
  • Wedding. The average cost of Norwegian mail order bride wedding starts from $ 19,000 to $23,000.

Five things about Norwegian brides that make them so coveted among men

Norway is probably not the first country that jumps to your mind when you begin thinking about foreign mail order brides, but the truth is that Norwegian brides have enough attractive traits to make you want to be with one of them forever.

They are the epitome of Nordic beauty

From the media and art, you probably have a pretty good image of a Norwegian wife in your head. These women are often portrayed as tall, athletic, light-skinned, and blonde-haired with fair eyes and subtle facial features. We are happy to confirm that this portrayal of Norwegian mail order brides is mostly true, although lately, the appearances of Norwegian women have been getting more diverse.

They are highly intelligent

Starting from early childhood, Norwegian girls understand the value of education and knowledge. They spend every free minute trying to learn as much as possible. And when they grow up, this passion for knowledge does not go anywhere. As a result, a Norwegian bride will easily impress you with her intelligence every time you two talk.

They are hardworking

A Norwegian mail order bride is not someone who is only waiting to get married so that she can never work again. For women in Norway, work is not just a way to make money; it’s also a way to achieve independence and respect from their peers. So even after you get married, your Norwegian wife will definitely want to continue working.

They have the right priorities

It’s not uncommon for working women to struggle with finding enough time for their families, but that is not something you need to worry about with a Norwegian wife. These women are outstanding multitaskers and while we don’t know exactly how they manage to do it, Norwegian wives are widely known for their ability to fit everything into their busy schedules without sacrificing their time with the family.

They have an active outlook

Despite being busy and working a lot, Norwegian brides also know how to enjoy life. Nearly any Norwegian mail order wife you’ll meet has a different thing to do every weekend: one week, she may go hiking to a nearby picturesque location, the other week, she may attend a new art gallery, and a week after that, she may take an impromptu trip to another city. Life with a Norwegian bride can be a lot of things, but it’s never boring.

Famous Norwegian women you should know about

Norway has given the world numerous outstanding female personalities who made a real difference in politics, science, art, sports, and history. Here are three of the best-known Norwegian women who achieved worldwide recognition.

  • Sigrid Undset, a famed novelist who won the 1928 Nobel Prize in literature, left an indisputable mark on Norwegian literature, and even had the honor of having a crater on Venus to be given her name.
  • Cecilia Brækhus, a renowned boxer and kick-boxer with an impressive list of achievements. At the moment, Cecilia is the only woman to own titles from four boxing unions at the same time.
  • Hadia Tajik, who became the Minister of Culture of Norway in 2012 when she was just 29 years old, which made her the youngest Minister to ever serve in the Norwegian government.

Norwegian dating culture: Five main rules

Norwegian women for marriage share a lot of your own values, which is why dating them will feel almost like dating ladies from your own country. However, there are a few rules in Norwegian dating culture you should keep in mind.

  1. Don’t count on standard date ideas. A Norwegian bride may be fine with the first few restaurant or cinema dates, but she will need you to step up your dating game when the relationship gets more serious.
  2. Strive for true equality. Norway is one of the most generally equal countries in the world (Source), and it doesn’t only concern the workplace — women in serious relationships and a marriage want the same amount of power as men.
  3. Always be on time. Unlike many other foreign mail order brides, Norwegian girls for marriage are incredibly punctual and expect you to respect their time as well. Never keep your Norwegian bride waiting!
  4. Make changes in your lifestyle if needed. You will hardly find a Norwegian woman who is a couch potato. Women in Norway know how to live their lives in a memorable way, and you will need to keep up with your bride’s lifestyle if you want to stay together.
  5. Be prepared for honest discussions. For Norwegian mail order brides, a good relationship is all about openness and sincerity. There are no relationships without issues, but with a Norwegian lady, those issues can be easily resolved through talking.

Why do Norwegian brides want to marry foreigners?

As one of the most economically and socially developed countries in the world, Norway gives its women an endless range of opportunities for education and career. That is why marriage to a foreigner has a different connotation for Norwegian beauties than for other mail order brides in the world. Brides from many other parts of the world marry foreign men as a means to build a better life and escape poverty, but that is not the case with Norwegian women for marriage. For Norwegian girls, marriage to a foreigner is simply a way to explore opportunities overseas and find a man who has all of their desired qualities.

To sum up

By now, you know enough about Norwegian girls for marriage to understand why so many men dream of a Norwegian wife. The fantastic news is that your desire to build a happy family with a Norwegian bride doesn’t need to remain a dream, as there are thousands of Norwegian mail order brides waiting for you on international dating sites. Create your profile today and begin your quest to find your ideal Norwegian bride!

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