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Indonesian Mail Order Brides & International Dating

Dating a woman from a different country can be difficult, but we are here to help. Learn information that will help you find the right approach to your future Indonesian wife!
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Why do you need to find an Indonesian bride?

If you are not satisfied with women who live in your town or country, online dating is a perfect option to find your ideal soulmate. Indonesian girls for marriage are very popular across the globe. Dating beautiful, humble, enthusiastic, family-oriented women is a dream for thousands of American men. Do you want to make your dreams come true? Then let us help you meet gorgeous Indonesian wives!

A woman from Indonesia can bring care and love into your life, allowing you to become the head of the family and be responsible for your own happiness. Your dating life will change after this article!

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Indonesian mail order bride cost

Here, we are going to show you everything you need to know the average cost of Indonesian mail order bride. Finding these girls is not expensive, but you will have to splurge on real-life dating. Online dating expenses are going to be just about $40-80 per month! Comparing them to real-life expenses to find a real and beautiful date, online dating is almost free! Now, let’s take a closer look at how much you need to spend on your date in real life!

How much Indonesiana wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Indonesia. The cost ranges from $650 to $800 for a one-way ticket.
  • Gifts and flowers. You can spend around $500  on presents in two weeks.
  • Hotel and accommodations. $100 for affordable rooms and $150 for mid-range, and $300 for luxurious rooms.
  • Wedding. The average cost of Indonesian mail order bride wedding is $8,200.

Who are Indonesian mail order brides?

If you know nothing about women from Indonesia or simply want to freshen up your memory, this section will be useful to you. Indonesian brides share a lot of similarities with mail order brides from Asian countries. Nevertheless, there are a few special characteristics and features that make women from this country unique and highly demanded among Western men. Let’s take a closer look at them!

  • Appearance. It is well known that a lot of Asian women are quite petite. Indonesian women for marriage, on the other hand, can be characterized as women with voluptuous bodies. Indeed, a lot of girls you will find are going to resemble Latina women – wide hips, large breasts, round faces. You can easily find slim Indonesian women for marriage, though. Moreover, girls from this country have dark skin.
  • Religion. 87% of the Indonesian population is Muslim, which is why you need to understand that there are some cultural and religious restrictions that you need to be aware of. While online dating allows women to feel free from the pressure of the society, you have to understand that your date might act distantly and coldly not because she does not like or trust you but simply because she doesn't know how to express her feelings well enough.
  • Adventurous spirit. Girls from this country yearn for adventures and positive emotions. Due to cultural and religious restrictions, plenty of young girls from Indonesia cannot express themselves as they want, and are forced to suppress their emotions, feelings, and ideas. Online dating is a perfect opportunity for Indonesian girls for marriage to do some wild things even if it means to do them online.
  • Indonesian brides seek dominant men. It is essential to understand that the culture of Indonesia is quite patriarchal. Girls are taught to listen to the head of the family and follow his every word. Most dates you find will be quite okay with you being dominant. Of course, it does not mean that you should treat your woman with disrespect or abuse her. It just means that you should take responsibility to make serious decisions while being in a relationship with an Indonesian mail order wife.
  • Western attitude. As it has been mentioned above, a typical Indonesian woman for marriage lives in a quite conservative country. Nevertheless, the Internet and globalization have made their toll, and a lot of young girls seek to enjoy what most Western women can. First, the majority of the dates you will find online are going to be quite fluent in English. Secondly, they would not impose their cultural and religious views on you. Lastly, girls from Indonesia are open-minded and outgoing.

What do you need to do to date an Indonesian girl?

Now that you know more about women from this country, let’s take a look at what you have to do to have a wonderful date with an Indonesian wife!

Be romantic

Indonesian women love to get compliments. In particular, you need to emphasize that you adore your date’s skin. Plenty of girls from this country are obsessed with white skin, which is why they hate their own skin color. By telling your date that you genuinely love how she looks, you can significantly boost your woman’s morale.

Be honest

Girls from Indonesia can forgive you almost anything. However, they would never forgive you for lying to them. Whether it is a white lie or something more serious, you can lose a date if you tell her a lie. Most Indonesian brides are very nice and honest, which is why it can be quite easy to lie to them. While it can be very tempting to make up a story to make a great impression, we highly recommend you to stay truthful.

Be clear about your intentions

Most women who sign up on dating sites seek Western men to build a happy and healthy family. While there are many Indonesian girls who are eager to have one-night stands or casual relationships, most of them use nightclubs to seek right men. If you seek a family-oriented woman, you need to tell her that you have serious intentions and want to start your own family as well.

Be confident and strong

Most dates you will find will expect you to be the dominant force in your relationships. While not every woman from Indonesia is submissive and humble, there are still plenty of ladies who want to have such relationships. Your every word and action should be full of confidence, power, and determination. Otherwise, you may not impress your girl.

Why do Indonesian wsomen want to date foreigners?

What is the reason for so many women from Indonesia to look for a Western guy? Let’s figure it out together!

  1. Indonesian girls are tired of dating local guys. There are too many rules and requirements to follow while dating local men. They need to have asexual relationships due to the fact that Indonesia is a Muslim country. However, dating a foreigner allows an Indonesian mail order bride to ignore dating rules.
  2. They want to have new experiences. It is possible to say that cultural and religious pressure creates a lack of freedom for women in Indonesia. And one of the most optimal solutions to this problem is to meet a nice and handsome man from the United States, Canada, or Europe and marry him.
  3. Online dating offers great diversity. Indonesia is a great tourist attraction among Western men. However, most of these guys come for casual relationships and hookups, which can be easily found in numerous nightclubs in the country. Women who seek family-oriented men use online dating because it is a safe and effective option that can help them achieve what they want.


Dating a woman from Indonesia can offer you great emotions and experiences. Plenty of Indonesian women use online dating to seek confident, responsible, and reliable men to build happy and healthy relationships. Women from this country are very easy-going, sociable, fun to chat, and eager to meet new people. Even though Indonesia is a Muslim country, you will rarely experience cultural or religious differences. Indonesian mail order brides dream of dating and marrying Western guys to gain new experiences and enjoy more freedom.

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