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Ethiopian Mail Order Brides

They are shy and conservative, they are extremely hot and family-oriented, and they love foreign men. Ethiopian brides are perfect — and here, we will tell you, why!
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What is the secret of Ethiopian women for marriage?

Ethiopia is often considered one of the top-5 African countries with the most beautiful girls, along with Egypt and South Africa. But it's actually not just about beauty, and it's not only about their sexuality; most men are attracted to Ethiopian mail order brides because of other reasons. Thus, these women are actually very nice and friendly, and they make perfect wives — they are very marriage-minded, they are a little conservative and shy (which is oftentimes seen as an advantage by some foreign men), and they usually support traditional gender roles. But these are not the only reasons why foreigners fall for Ethiopian girls, of course.

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Ethiopian mail order bride cost

Ethiopia may not be the most popular country in the online dating market. But if you are interested in girls from this country, you should know how much you should pay to find a perfect bride there. Speaking about online dating, you can expect to spend around $50 per month on your bride. Real-life prices, even though they will be higher, won’t be very high.

How much does a Ethiopian wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Ethiopia. Tickets range between $600 for a one-way trip.
  • Gifts and flowers. There will be plenty of opportunities to buy your girl plenty of presents and flowers. Expect to spend around $250 on such items.
  • Hotel and accommodations. You can find rooms for $80 per night. Or rooms for $400.
  • Wedding. The average cost of Ethiopian mail order bride wedding is just $4,300.

Dating Ethiopian girls for marriage: Top tips

It's impossible to say that 100% of Ethiopian brides are like this or like that, of course. They are individuals, like the girls of any other nationality — so if you have a question "how to date them", there is actually no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, there are always some general tips that can help a foreigner to attract and to impress a lady from Ethiopia — and we have 8 such tips here. These tips are based on the cultural background of these women and on some of their character traits — so they can be really useful and we can safely say that they can really work. Let's take a look at them.

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  1. Buy a gift. It might sound like something obsolete if you are dating a girl from the United States, from the UK, or, say, from Sweden. But when it comes to African countries, it still works. We recommend to buy a gift on the first date — this is a perfect way to express your affection. Try bringing a bouquet, a box of chocolates, or any other small gift (it doesn't have to be expensive, because it's not about money, it's about expressing your feelings).
  2. Don't focus on sex on the first date. This might work in any country with any modern who just wants to find a man to spend a night with. However, this will never work with Ethiopian women for marriage — they usually have very serious intentions, so sex on the first date is certainly not an option here.
  3. Try to look great. It's the first time you two meet, so it's very important to make a great first impression. Choose something casual (if you are going to have a casual coffee date) or something more formal (in case it's a classic, formal date in a restaurant). And of course, looking neat and clean is the key.
  4. Be ready to listen to her — these ladies can be quite talkative. It’s not that it’s something bad, of course — but if you are more used to cold women with whom you have to “break the ice”, well, you’ll probably be surprised. Just don’t forget about asking questions and listening — the first date is a perfect opportunity to know your partner better.
  5. Be assertive and confident. Ethiopian mail order brides, like almost all other African females, love it when men make the decisions, lead the relationships, and always stay calm.
  6. Treat her with respect. Unfortunately, many Ethiopian brides are not treated with respect in their own country — what’s more, they are often not treated as equal citizens there. So, it would be great if you show some respect to your Ethiopian bride.
  7. Open the car doors and pull out a chair for her. These women are quite old-fashioned, which means they love gentlemen, so if you act like a gentleman, you will certainly score some points. Your date will appreciate it, without any doubts.
  8. beautiful ethiopian woman smiling
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Ethiopian brides: Why they are worth dating

Here’s what you have to know: these women are just great. They make perfect wives, they are extremely beautiful — but that’s not all! We believe that there are at least 4 major reasons why you definitely should think about finding an Ethiopian wife. Here they are (and don’t forget, these are only the major ones; there are tens of other reasons why they are worth dating):

  • They are very respectful. They respect their partners and put the needs of their husbands first — that's how they were raised, and because of their traditions and culture, they would do anything for their husbands and even boyfriends. Traditional values do wonders, at least in some cases.
  • These ladies are a little submissive and very marriage-minded. There's actually nothing bad about it — if you want to have a wife who will do her best to serve you and your family in a way that benefits your relationship and marriage, you certainly need an Ethiopian girlfriend. These women want to live a traditional marriage lifestyle and they see nothing wrong in putting themselves under the authority of their husbands.
  • They are beautiful and hot. Of course, we couldn’t ignore the fact that Ethiopian girls for marriage are extremely hot! Ethiopians are extremely diverse, and you've probably heard that mixed-race people are often perceived as more attractive — they have soft facial features, fit and hot bodies, silky hair, and very beautiful eyes. You will not be disappointed once you see them.
  • Ethiopian wives are totally loyal to their partners. Again, it’s because of their culture and religion — most of these females are Christians (and they are raised religiously), and almost a third of them are Muslims. They don’t cheat on their partners, that’s what you should know.
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Why do Ethiopian women want to find a foreigner?

Alright, Ethiopian mail order wife is hot, beautiful, and 100% loyal. But in this case, what makes these women want to leave Ethiopia? Well, it’s very simple: this country is poor — this is the first reason, and Ethiopian men don’t treat these ladies with respect — this is the second reason.

  • First of all, Ethiopia is really poor. We won’t tell you anything about the GDP per capita or about the average salary, we are going to tell you only one fact: More than 30,000,000 (31.1%) of the population of this country rely on unprotected water for their needs. We think that it's the fact that it can help you understand how poor this country is, and we think that it’s obvious why Ethiopian girls for marriage want to emigrate from this country.
  • Then, it’s about men. Again, we won’t tell you a lot of facts here — we believe that one is enough. Thus, according to the surveys, almost a third of Ethiopian females (32.5%) have experienced at least one type of domestic violence. Ethiopian men do not treat their women as equal, and physical violence is considered socially acceptable in this country. It’s logical that these girls want to find and marry a good man from another country instead of living with an Ethiopian guy.

Final thoughts

We are sure that Ethiopian women are worth dating. They are perfect for those who are searching for a smart and loyal wife who supports traditional gender roles. And don’t forget that they are extremely beautiful — just sign up for any dating platform and you’ll see what we are talking about.

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