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Nigerian Mail Order Brides

Thousands of Nigerian girls for marriage are looking for foreigners, and if you are interested in Nigerian women, check this post out. We'll tell you all you need to know here.
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Do Nigerian females love foreigners?

Yes. According to the reports, almost 28% Nigerians consider emigration to the US a good idea — most of them keep emigrating because of economic reasons, but there are also thousands of young women who marry foreigners and migrate to Western, Arab, and Asian countries. In most cases, these women want to flee from their country because it’s poor (GDP per capita only $2,233) and because Nigerian men just don’t treat them as they deserve.

But Nigerian mail order brides are different from other non-African and even African ladies. They are often more conservative and submissive, they usually have very serious intentions, and they speak English well (English is an official language in this country).

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Nigerian mail order bride cost

Meet gorgeous women from Niger online and pay a very small price for that! We are here to help you learn about the average cost of Nigerian mail order bride and the fact that you don’t need to spend too much to get a real bride from this country. Just $50 per month would be enough to pay for every single tool on an online dating service! Now, let’s take a closer look at how much you need to spend on your date in real life!

How much does a Nigerian wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Nigeria. The cost starts from $800 for a one-way ticket.
  • Gifts and flowers. The budget of $200-250 would be enough for two weeks.
  • Hotel and accommodations. $150 for mid-range rooms and $350+ for luxurious.
  • Wedding. On average, Nigerian mail order bride pricing for a wedding starts from $7,000.

Why do Nigerian women for marriage want to leave their country?

When we are talking about some Asian countries, it’s very simple — women want to find a foreign partner and move to a first-world country. When it comes to Eastern Europe, the reasons are often very similar (some of them also claim that their men don’t treat them well). But when we are talking about Nigeria, it’s not just about poverty and it’s not just about men who don’t treat these women well. It’s all these reasons combined — Nigerian brides want to flee because their country is literally not the best place for some women. We are not exaggerating.

beautiful nigerian woman sunbathing
  1. This country is poor, even by African standards. The poverty rate in this country stands at 40%, which is extremely high — the poverty rate in the United States (2018) was 11.8 percent, and in the European Union, it's lower than 10%. It makes sense that lots of young women want to leave Nigeria — they just don’t want to live in a poor country with low standards of living. 
  2. Nigerian women do also become mail brides because of domestic violence — and it’s not just words. Thus, according to the United Nations report, 23% of women in Nigeria have been victims of physical or sexual violence by their previous husbands. According to other surveys, almost 33% of women said that they were victims of domestic violence. What's even more horrifying, lots of Nigerian men believe that it's acceptable to hit their wives. It's a very serious problem, it's logical that a regular young Nigerian girl for marriage knows everything about this problem, and it's also logical that she does not want to become a victim of domestic violence, like plenty of local women. It also makes sense that Nigerian women just don’t want to live with Nigerian men — they believe that Westerners and Asian men are much more kind, loving, and patient.
  3. To make it even more clear why girls tend to leave Nigeria, we'll give you some data on child marriages in this country. 44% of Nigerian girls are married before 18, and when we are talking about northwestern Nigeria, almost 50% of girls are married by the age of 15! Those who don’t want to go through it and those who don’t want to choose such a fate for their future daughters do their best to leave their country, and this is another reason why they become mail order brides.

First date with a Nigerian bride: What to do

If you don’t know what to do and how to act on the first date with your Nigerian mail order wife, don’t worry — we’ll tell you everything right now. We can’t say that your date will certainly fall in love with you, but we can safely say that you’ll definitely make a great first impression if you follow these simple tips.

sweet nigerian woman in kitchen
  • Buy a gift. The thing is, it’s not like you “buy” her affection or attract her with money, no. It’s all about the desire of these girls to always feel special and loved. If you buy her a beautiful bouquet or a perfume, she’ll understand that she is someone special to you.
  • Pay the bill. She'll most likely offer to split the bill, but we highly recommend you not to accept this offer. If you want to show that you are a real man (and Nigerian brides love it when a man is confident and strong), just pay the bill. And pay for her taxi — it's very cheap, but it'll score you a lot of brownie points.
  • Don’t be overly flirty and don’t overdo compliments. Just don’t — these women love it when men make compliments (and to be honest, they are really worth complimenting), but if you are overly flirty, you are unlikely to not win your date's heart. She can think that you try to invade her personal space, and we believe that's surely not what you want.
  • Be confident and be a gentleman. These girls are traditional, and their views are quite traditional, too — they love gentlemen, and if you treat your partner with respect from the very first date, she’ll certainly love it.
  • Don’t whine and complain. Just don’t — as we’ve said, Nigerian mail order brides love strong men, and according to what they think, a strong man would never whine or complain about anything (especially about the things you can’t change, like the weather or public transport or whatever).
  • Forget about criticism. Most of these women are like tender flowers — it’s extremely easy to offend them. Remember, they’ve already gone through some harsh experiences. There’s no need to offend them even more.
  • Don’t expect sex on the first date. When you have a date with a religious woman, you can’t expect to get laid right after dinner.
cute nigerian girl in dress

Why Nigerian girls for marriage? What makes them so special?

  1. They are smart and intelligent. We can't say anything about the Nigerian education system because it's really poor and obsolete. However, they have not-so-bad universities, and, well, Nigerians are really smart — just take a look at the Nigerians who live in the United States where they are not limited by the obsolete education system. Thus, according to the statistics, Nigerians who live in the United States have the highest levels of education amongst other immigrants (58% of Nigerians in the USA are either graduates or undergraduates).
  2. They are traditional and somewhat submissive, they always treat their men with respect, and they are extremely loyal. Their religion and culture make them think that a perfect woman is a stay-at-home mom who obeys her husband. If you prefer to be the head of the family who takes all the most important decisions, a Nigerian woman for marriage will be a great life partner for you.
  3. They have very serious intentions. A hook up is not an option.

Final thoughts

Nigerian girls are very interesting. They are beautiful and smart, and at the same time, they are 100% loyal and submissive — so if you are looking for a woman who will always love you and take care of the family, a Nigerian wife is probably the best choice.

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