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Sri Lankan Mail Order Brides & International Dating

Sri Lanka is a country of rich cultural heritage, pristine nature, and gorgeous Sri Lankan brides. Discover the world of those beauties to fall in love and find your soulmate!
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Why are Sri Lankan brides so desirable by Western men?

Men have always been into stunning Sri Lankan brides, and that is not a surprise. Those ladies are extremely beautiful. Their caramel skin, curvy bodies, and long, dark, silky-smooth hair are what every man desires. Also, Sri Lanka women take good care of themselves and the way they look. They always try to be presentable and enticing.

But beauty is only the tip of an iceberg that Sri Lankan girls for marriage can bring into the life of their partners. Their real beauty shines from within, and that is what makes them so desirable by Westerns. These women are sincere in their feelings and know how to surround their man with attention and love.

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Sri Lankan mail order bride cost

One of the most important things you need to know about Sri Lankan women for marriage is how much you need to pay to get them. Online dating expenses are going to be rather low. You can expect to spend around $40-80 per month on most sites. The average cost of Sri Lankan mail order bride in real life, on the other hand, will cost you much more.

How much does a Sri Lankan wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Sri Lanka. The cost starts from $800 for a one-way ticket.
  • Gifts and flowers. It is rather expensive to make a great impression on your date with presents and gifts. Expect to pay around $800
  • Hotel and accommodations. Only $19 for affordable rooms, $130 for mid-range, and $750 for luxurious villas
  • Wedding. The average cost of Sri Lankan mail order bride wedding is $4,000 - $10,000.

Cultural peculiarities of Sri Lankan mail order brides

Sri Lanka is a multicultural country of varied religions and outer influences. That makes its culture very rich and at the same time has a significant impact on Sri Lankan mail order bride perception of men and dating. To help you get to know these beauties, we prepared the top 5 cultural peculiarities that you should know before starting a relationship.

  1. Everything is built around the family. The life of a Sri Lankan wife usually revolves around her family. In their culture, family interests are above the individual ones. According to the Programs Department (West) study, gender ideologies that impact adversely on women are still predominant in Sri Lanka.
  2. Arranged marriages. They were once common, but are no longer a usual practice among the younger generation in Sri Lanka. But such tradition made a positive impact, as now with booming online dating, older generations are having fewer problems accepting the concept of Sri Lankan mail order brides. In the root, it has similarities to their marriage customs. You can read more here.
  3. High tolerance level. Sri Lankan women for marriage, as well as all people in the country, are very friendly and kind to everyone who is not familiar with their customs. They are empathetic and always willing to help, as patience is a big deal of their religious beliefs.
  4. Hospitality is a serious matter. When you come to see your Sri Lankan mail order wife, don’t be surprised to find yourself invited over to anyone’s home, even if you’ve just met them.
  5. No rush here. Sri Lankan wives like to enjoy their lives. It may seem wild to the Western mind how a 10-minute thing can take half an hour or more. But being a bit late is a cultural norm. By the way, enjoying life doesn’t stop with everyday things. Sri Lanka is one of the countries with the highest number of national holidays (26 per year). There is at least one holiday every month, and every full moon is a day off known as Poya day.

What is the best place to find beautiful Sri Lankan girls for marriage?

Even though most Sri Lanka couples meet via friends or family, the answer to the best place to meet them is easy — the Internet. Modern ways of dating are great for singles, as the power of online dating makes meeting new people super easy. There are plenty of professional dating sites, apps, and agencies that can connect you to beautiful ladies from Sri Lanka. So let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of this method of dating!

Advantages of online dating

  • There is a huge database of gorgeous Sri Lankan women that are open to communication and building a relationship.
  • Intentions of the members can match yours, and you can see that in their profiles.
  • You spend a lot of quality time talking as communication is the main part of online dating, and you can really get to know your Sri Lankan girl for marriage before meeting IRL.
  • You can choose when and where to communicate. The majority of platforms are mobile-friendly, and you can even date on the go.
  • Some dating websites offer additional dating advice and professional help, which is useful if you have no experience with international dating.

Disadvantages of online dating

  • You should always be aware of the information that you share online.
  • Too much choice can be overwhelming.
  • There may be a language barrier, but translation services can help you with that.

Sri Lankan dating culture

Sri Lankan dating culture is only establishing, as it wasn’t a thing in the recent past. Some parts of the country, like Colombo, are more modern when it comes to dating, but still not as liberal as Western countries. For example, you can keep hands with your partner, walking around, but making out in public is not an option.

Dos and don'ts when dating Sri Lankan women

Below, you can find some more useful tips on how to date Sri Lankan girls.

Make the first move

Living in a patriarchal society, local women are sometimes very wary of being openly flirty for fear of seeming ‘available’, getting a bad reputation, or worse, attracting the wrong kind of attention. That is why the first move is always on you, even if it is on the Internet.

Support your lady

Because of the social attributes, Sri Lankan women tend to value their independence and are very hardworking. If you see your girl is working hard and trying to be independent, support her and say how proud you are of her. That will not go unnoticed.

Don't think she is easy to get

If you just want to have a fling, then a mail order bride is not a suitable option for you. Not only that, Sri Lankan beauties won’t likely accept such a relationship, and their parents will want to be sure of your intentions.

Show that you can provide for the family without being cocky

Men in Sri Lanka are considered breadwinners, which means that your bride’s family will want to be ensured that you can provide for your future family. And it doesn't mean that you need to be very rich. Being the middle class, you will be considered as a very affluent groom to your Sri Lankan woman for marriage. And concerns of parents are only because they don't want to see their child in need.

Final thoughts

Stunning Sri Lankan girls have everything they need to be loving and supportive partners. Even though their country is fairly conservative, it comes with a lot of benefits like loyalty, belief in traditional gender and family values, and more. If you had any doubts about whether a woman from Sri Lanka could become a great partner for you, we hope we made them go away, as those women are indeed one of a kind. They can help you enrich your life and bring something new to it, allowing you to create a comfortable mix of cultures based on love, care, and mutual support.

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