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Lots of Chinese brides are getting married to foreign men. Statistically, the main reason for taking this step is love. Most couples meet each other on top niche sites.
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A Chinese wife is perfect for a Western husband and vice versa. Why?

In the late 80s, there were no interethnic marriages registered in China. By 2012, the number of such marriages has reached 53,000. Generally speaking, this demonstrates how the social attitude to such kinds of marriages changed. Yes, Chinese society needed time to accept the fact that people from different cultural environments, people who initially had different values and views on plenty of things can be perfect matches for each other.

Now, however, Chinese society is more open-minded and ready to accept the new values related to relationships. If you want to know more facts about Chinese society, love in China, Chinese mail order brides and ways to find them, keep reading – we collected all the most interesting and useful information for you.

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Chinese mail order bride cost

Find a perfect mail order bride from China, and we will help you with everything you need. Learning about foreign brides is great if you know the average cost of Chinese mail order bride. Online dating, for example, will cost you around $50-80 per month. As for the real-life expenses, we have a short list of items that you will probably want to get.

How much does a Chinese wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to China. It is expensive to fly to China. Tickets start from $1,800 per 1 person.
  • Gifts and flowers. You can spend up to $400 and make the best first impression on your date.
  • Hotel and accommodations. A decent hotel room would cost you $100 per night.
  • Wedding. A typical wedding in China costs around $12,000.

Chinese brides and social pressure: how Chinese society has changed

Chinese society has changed dramatically over the past few centuries, and these changes made the emergence of the Chinese mail order wife phenomenon possible. Of course, the country cannot be called the most democratic and open-minded place in the world, but it is experiencing the transition between tradition and modernity, and that leads to very interesting consequences.

Chinese brides always were the most preferable due to marriage behavior to men from many other countries. As we have already noted, there was the time when marrying a girl from this country was impossible for a foreigner, and now such marriages are registered more and more often. Moreover, more and more Chinese start to realize that love, respect, and mutual understanding is crucially significant, and all these have no boundaries and do not "belong" to any particular ethnicities. However, there is still a pretty huge gap between how young and older people see good marriage.

For example, young Chinese consider that love is the only reason why people should get married, while the older generation cares about stability more. A Chinese girl’s parents are likely to expect their daughter’s boyfriend to have good connections, family, and job, and she is likely to expect her boyfriend to be hot and smart. This is how things in modern China work, and the interesting fact that most foreign husbands meet the requirements and expectations of both parties.

So, currently, a Chinese mail order brides stopped being a dream and turned into reality. The popularity of these girls is something we could expect, but it was truly overwhelming, just because they have what a lot of bachelors were looking for.

Why do single men look for Chinese mail order brides?

Firstly, we need to understand who is a Chinese woman for marriage. Let us take a look at the qualities that are obviously the main reason why single men in America, Europe, Canada, and Australia are looking for love in China. So, what are Chinese girls for marriage like?

  • Expressing love through care and respect. What distinguishes a Chinese bride from women from most other countries? A western woman cares about her own pleasure more. Of course, it is normal, but there is also no denying that the Chinese wife’s ability to pay more attention to a man she loves is incredibly attractive. These women express their feelings through respect and endless care, and that is part of their culture.
  • More sexually open-minded than you thought they are. A few decades ago, nobody associated China with the place where open-minded people live, and that is normal. The turning point was at the time of reform and China’s opening up – it has not really changed anything except the fact that Chinese people stop hiding any expression of their sexuality, including holding hands. Generally speaking, China is the place where western’s men fantasies meet reality.
  • Stronger than you thought they are. Did you know that in Chinese families, a woman is the one who makes major financial decisions? Did you know that most girls in this country have at least a bachelor’s degree and well-paid jobs? This means that women there are stronger than most guys expect them to be, and that is the good news for every man who is looking for a strong personality and a loyal companion.
  • Avoiding confrontations. Some may say that hiding some emotions and feelings, which is very typical of Chinese people, is no good. Well, they are right to some extent, but men who married women from China note that this, as well as their wives’ desire to find compromises instead of confronting, helps to live a happy life with each other.

As you can see, a Chinese woman for marriage has the perfect combination of qualities, or, as social researchers say "perfect marriage behavior". This explains the hype surrounding women in this country, but this does not explain how people meet each other (obviously, not all of them live in China or move there) and build a real relationship.

How can a man find a real Chinese wife?

It is noteworthy that China is not a poor country. Currently, it is the fastest-growing economy, and women there do not need to marry a rich guy to live a better life. The absence of financial motivation makes people ask questions, but the answer is simple – a lot of Chinese women think that western men are just hot. Yes, everyone who has ever been to China knows that it is true – there, an American or European guy becomes more popular than he could ever expect.

That is why so many women are looking for a foreign boyfriend on dating sites, and yes, this is the most popular way to meet a bride from a certain country, including China. The only thing everyone who is looking for a wife needs to keep in mind is that choosing the right site is the key to success, and choosing the wrong platform is the most common reason why men fail to find a foreign girlfriend.

Here are some features and characteristics of a good platform:

  1. People there are real.
  2. There are many Chinese women on the platform, and their profiles are verified, and the identity confirmed.
  3. There are many services that allow contacting girls and keeping in touch with them.
  4. There are some extra special services like gift delivery or arranging the real meeting.
  5. Prices are not too high, and there are no hidden costs.
  6. The platform does not disclose users’ information to third-party organizations and private individuals.

There are some of the basic criteria to consider. Please note that though checking the site may be time-consuming, this is absolutely necessary if you want to meet a girlfriend in another country, including China.

Final thoughts

Now you know what it is like to be married to a Chinese girl. No one knows how Chinese society will change in the near future, but currently, it is on a very interesting stage of its development. It is staying on the bridge between conservatism and brand new values, and paradoxically, this position makes Chinese women unique and very attractive to men whose societies have already crossed this bridge. A lot of them use the opportunity to get a perfect spouse, and no wonder – such a transitional phase will not last forever.

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