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Asian Mail Order Brides & International Dating

There are 48 countries in the Asian region, and the number of single women is overwhelming there. They are incredibly gorgeous, and every single man has a chance to marry one of them.

Meet Asian Women Online

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Asian wife is perfect to a Western husband and vice versa - why?

"An Asian woman" is not just a phrase. This is the cultural phenomenon of the modern western world. Western countries have it all – technical progress, money, high social and living standards, but more and more men are getting married to Asian brides. Why?

The first answer that comes into mind is “Because they can”. In plenty of Asian countries, men are not used to giving women as much respect as they want. In some countries, love triangles are almost a common thing (yes, we definitely hint at the Philippines), and in some countries, women both perform family duties and fulfill typical male responsibilities, and so on. Still, they do this not only because it is simple but also because these ladies have much to offer to men.

Where exactly can I meet an Asian mail order bride?

As we have already mentioned, there are 48 countries in the Asian region. Should one come to any of them or join the site and find a bride in any of them being at home? The first variant is possible but very unlikely. This practice is unusual for some Asian communities yet absolutely normal for other nations. Anyway, no matter which option a single guy who wants to meet a single beauty from Asia chooses, he should know the best countries to find Asian women for marriage. He just needs to take a look at our ranking.

  • The Philippines – the magnificent island country with tons of Asian brides disappointed in local guys.
  • China – the place where foreigners are incredibly popular.
  • Thailand – the country where marriages with Western men are not socially discouraged anymore.
  • Vietnam – the place where the most open-minded, friendliest, and prettiest girls live.
  • India – the land of gorgeous women who make the best wives.

Single girls who want to marry someone from another social and cultural environment, i.e., from a Western country, can also be found in Indonesia, Bangladesh, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia.

Qualities Asian brides have in common

Of course, it would be a mistake (and a pretty offensive one) to think that these girls are all the same. People are different even within the country, even within the family just because we all are unique. Nevertheless, it would also be a mistake to think that ‘national mindset’ is just a phrase. There are some qualities that people living in one country or even in one region have in common. So what about the Asian region? What is special about local women?

They value their beauty

Yes, Asian girls are naturally beautiful, but this is not the most important thing that makes these women so attractive. Actually, the fact that they know that they are beautiful, are grateful for such a gift and are ready to do everything possible to preserve it makes them so popular. Hence, they not only look beautiful when they are 20 – they are as gorgeous in their 40s and 50s as well.

Traditional gender roles matter

It is no secret that finding a place where people still respect traditional family values and are okay with traditional gender role distribution is becoming a more and more complex task. Asia is one of such places, at least in the countries that we listed above. That is why a regular guy raised in a quite conservative family is likely to be happy with an Asian wife.

Motherhood is the calling of their hearts

To Asian wife, being a mother is not just a mix of duties and responsibilities – this is the calling of her heart and the most important thing in life. That is why Asian girls usually make every effort to raise a responsible, successful, and more importantly, a happy person without overparenting.

Education & self-development are important

Skills, educational background, hobbies, interests, self-development – all this is also very important to a regular Asian mail order wife. We think that this is the secret ingredient that makes the charm of these girls stand out. In fact, having a smart and beautiful wife is a blessing, but sometimes women disappear into their husbands and children. An Asian lady does her best to avoid this scenario. She does everything possible to not only to be hot but also to remain an interesting person.

Your first date with an Asian girl: top tips

There are thousands of Asian girlfriends online who are looking for serious and long-term relationships with a foreigner. If you want to be successful, here are a few tips that will help you have a perfect first date with Asian women!

  • Where to go? It is common to go to some public place on a first date. So, don’t choose something quiet or remote. Your first date should occur in some interesting, fun, and exciting place.
  • How to act with an Asian girl? Be respectful and honest. Don’t be too assertive and let your date get used to your company.
  • What to talk about? Usually, you can ask your girl some general questions about her background, culture, or things she likes to do. It is a nice icebreaker and shows your interest gently.
  • Who is paying? Most of the time, you should pay on your first date. But if your girl insists, you can split the bill.

How much does Asian bride cost?

So, let us take a look at the situation in this region. According to statistics, there are millions of Asian girls for marriage. A lot of them do not want to get married to guys at home for various reasons, but in most cases, this is the combination of factors, for instance, failure to find love + disappointment in local men in general + the desire to live and give birth to children in a safer, more stable country. This is the typical background of a modern Asian mail order brides. Does it mean that single guys can pay a certain amount and get any of these girls? Or maybe everything is not that simple?

Of course, it is not. The very term “bride cost” refers to the amount men usually spend on dating services, in particular, membership on top sites, tickets to her country, dates, etc. It is like the total amount you spend on your girlfriend, and the most surprising thing for most guys is that in most cases, a man spends more money on a “girl next door” than on a foreign bride.

How to find an Asian mail order wife?

You have probably noticed that we connected the term “cost of a bride” with dating sites, and not with coming to the country and getting a wife. Moreover, we even mentioned local dating agencies. Why? Because using niche dating websites is a more popular way to meet an exotic hottie than any other variant.

Over 90% of guys choose them because it is faster, simpler, and safer. Let us take a look at the major advantages of such platforms:

  1. Registration is usually free.
  2. Most top-quality sites offer generous discounts for newcomers so you can test services before paying for Premium membership.
  3. Moderators accept women who are really ready to leave the country to build a relationship with a decent man.
  4. Lots of filters allow finding hundreds of ladies who meet your criteria.
  5. Members can use not only text chat or send emails but also make calls, attach and send files, make video calls.
  6. Some companies deliver gifts and arrange tours to the country.
  7. There are a lot of special features like time zone converter, virtual gifts, introductory (greeting) emails that make communication more convenient, emotional, and vivid.

After all, communicating online is just the most convenient way to meet someone living in the other part of the world. Niche dating sites just work better because they have a certain target audience (Asian brides and men who want to get married to an Asian woman) and do what is best for it.

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Final thoughts

Getting married to an Asian bride makes much sense if you are looking for a not only beautiful but also a quite conservative and at the same time smart lady. Fortunately, nowadays, you do not have to move to another part of the world to find your dream girl and marry her. So, why not give online dating a try?

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