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Moroccan Mail Order Brides

Moroccan brides are extremely hot, they are devoted to their partners and loyal. They are the hidden gem of Africa — and here, you’ll find more details about them.
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Do Moroccan women for marriage love foreigners?

Yes, these women are certainly fond of foreigners. But it’s not that they have problems with gender equality or with domestic violence in Morocco (however, there are still some problems to be solved). Actually, it’s just because they want to date and marry foreigners, but it’s not like they just want to flee from Morocco — they are modern and liberal women, and they are looking for foreigners just because they think that foreigners make better husbands than Moroccan men. Here, we will explain how to date Moroccan brides and we’ll also talk about the best features of beautiful Moroccan girls for marriage.

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Moroccan mail order bride cost

Moroccan girls are not that popular in the world of online dating, even though they are smoking hot! Dating these girls won’t be expensive online—your expenses won’t probably be more than $100 per month. As for real-life expenses, we have a detailed section for that below!

How much does a Moroccan wife cost: real-life expenses

  • Travel to Morocco. The cost is around $500 for a one-way ticket.
  • Gifts and flowers. You can get a nice bouquet for around $50. Presents range from $10 to $100.
  • Hotel and accommodations. If you want to impress your date, a nice hotel room would cost you something around $200 per night. However, there are hotels with an $80-150 price range.
  • Wedding. The average cost of Moroccan mail order bride wedding is $20,000

Moroccan brides: How to date them

The very first thing is to know: Moroccan mail order brides are like all the girls from all around the world in the sense that they are not all the same. Every woman is unique, every woman is different, and it's impossible to say that all of them are like that. But we still hope you will allow us this crude generalization — we've done our best and collected the most common features of Moroccan females here.

cute moroccan girl in bedroom
  1. Don’t call them Arabs! It’s the very first thing you have to know because if you call a Berber (North African) woman Arab, she will most likely be offended. They are (most of them) Berbers or Amazigh, but not Arabs.
  2. Be careful with the public display of affection, because, with some Moroccan women, it’s not an option at all. If someone goes to Moroccan wife and asks her to go out, it can even be considered harassment. Moroccan women prefer it when men use subtle ways to express that they are interested. But it doesn’t mean that 100% of them will never hold your hand, hug, or kiss you on the street of course — only those who were raised in a very religious family.
  3. Be generous — these women love generous men. However, you don’t need to buy her something extremely expensive, and of course, it doesn’t have anything in common with gold-digging. Moroccan girls for marriage like it when their men buy them small gifts. But don't just buy her stuff without being in some kind of relationship with her — it may look a little weird.
  4. Dress well. We mean clean and fresh clothes, not buying a $5,000 three-piece suit, of course.
  5. Ask her questions and listen to her. First of all, that's how you can show her that you are interested in her — Moroccan beauties are often quite talkative, so you'll be able to know your partner much better. And by the way, asking questions is also a great way to get rid of that awkward science on a first date.
  6. Don't say any sexist jokes. With some women from other countries, such jokes can work, but not with a Moroccan mail order bride. These girls are hypersensitive when it comes to sexist things, so be careful with them.
  7. Don't play games — Moroccan mail order brides are quite direct and straightforward, and they don’t like it when men are not directly about their feelings. Your Moroccan bride will most likely be straight up, so if you want to meet her, simply tell her about it.
  8. Don’t expect to get laid on the first date. These women are modern (by African standards), but they are still not as liberal when it comes to sex as their European or American counterparts. So, if your date has serious intentions, don’t expect to get a kiss after the first date, not to mention sex.
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Top facts about women from Morocco

What are the best features of these women? We'll tell you right here. Again, it will probably be another crude generalization — because, as we've said, every Moroccan girl is unique and different. But still, a few general facts can be useful.

  • They are traditional but outgoing and social. These women are quite talkative, as we've said earlier — and that's because Moroccan women are very socially confident. They are definitely not introverts, so if you are looking for a shy and submissive girl, they are not the best choice for you.
  • They are extremely beautiful. Morocco is often called the country with the most beautiful girls in Africa, and it's not far from the truth. A traditional Moroccan woman for marriage has olive skin, big dark brown eyes, silky hair, and an hourglass figure. These ladies are just perfect.
  • They are great cooks, just in case you don’t know. It's not the most important factor to consider when you choose a wife, of course, but isn't it great when your woman knows how to cook delicious meals? And by the way, have you ever tried couscous?
  • They always want to make their partners happy. That's how they are raised — even the Moroccan girls know that their goal is to make their future husbands happy. If you want to have a wife who will do everything to please you, a Moroccan girl for marriage is the one you need.
  • They are independent and modern. You shouldn’t think that these women are too shy or conservative because of their religion (Islam is a constitutionally established state religion in this country). They are very modern and they are not like other Muslim women who live in Africa.
  • They speak more than one language (Moroccan Arabic). Most of them do also speak French, Spanish, and English, so you can forget about the language barrier problem.
  • They are often deeply religious. Not all of them, of course — it’s mostly about Muslim Moroccans, but there are also lots of Christians and atheists in this country.
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Why do Moroccan ladies want to leave Morocco?

Morocco is not a perfect country for women. Gender inequality is still a problem here (although Morocco has passed laws that were designed to solve this issue) and sexual harassment is a problem, too (what's more, it's often socially accepted by Moroccan men). However, it’s not the main reason for Moroccan mail order wife to want to leave her country. The main reason is that these women just love foreign men — so if you are a foreigner who wants to date a Moroccan girl, your chances to succeed are quite high!

Final thoughts

Here’s what you should know: Moroccan brides are not like other African women. Girls from Morocco are not too conservative and they are not too submissive. However, they are still traditional and they do really want to do everything to make their partners happy. So, if you are looking for a perfect African wife, it should definitely be a Moroccan lady.

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